Sunday, March 21, 2021

Hello Spring

Hello, Spring!
We've been eagerly awaiting your arrival.

I refreshed the terrace containers 
with spring bulbs, geraniums, and violas.

And of course a touch of whimsy!

My Frog Prince doesn't linger outside,
but what's a celebration without a regal touch.

This guy on the other hand is 
one of the containers.

He moves about from table to terrace.

I'm grateful for Trader Joe's.
They sell potted bulbs that instantly perk up
one's garden in time for the spring equinox. 

These two beautiful ceramic vases arrived 
this week, also in time to celebrate spring's arrival.

The Tulip Garden Egg Vase is a MacKenzie-Childs limited edition.
  I filled it with a petite grocery store bouquet, but it will
be perfect for simple blooms from my garden.

The Odd Fellows tulipiere is also a new piece this season,
and was a belated birthday gift from my husband.

Filled with springtime daffodils, I anticipate it too 
will be well used for cuttings from the garden.

I'm totally smitten with this charmer!

As I am with the petite egg vase.

The garden center is close by Goodwill, so of course I took a look.
I couldn't resist bringing these three cuties home.
Less than $2 each, and full of charm!
Easter is just two weeks away!

Sadie and I wish each of 
you a colorful spring!