Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Let's Dish ~ Tabletop Treasures from My Mom

Mother's Day Challenge 

Let's Dish @ Cuisine Kathleen

~ A tribute to my mom for Mother's Day ~

My mother was an avid gardener until

 she moved out of her home at age 90.

Now 97, she no longer gardens, 

but she still loves beautiful flowers.

She also loves sweets, 

especially chocolate ice cream 

and rich pound cake.

In honor of my mother, 

I set a tray with her favorite things 

and pretended we were having an afternoon 

treat in the garden.  I filled some of her beautiful 

glass baskets with springtime blooms.

I fondly remember these beautiful 

glass basket vases from my childhood.

They are treasures that my mom passed on to me.

These elegant etched glass baskets 

were made in the 1920s and 1930s.

They are perfect for springtime bouquets!

I've set the tray with 

my mom's wedding china,

Homer Laughlin's 

Virginia Rose - Jeanette Gold.

This china was made in 1939.  

Virginia Rose was a very popular 

shape with many different designs.  

My mom chose Jeanette's Gold 

with delicate pink flowers and gold details.

Each piece has double 

gold bands on the outside rim.

These pretty linen napkins 

were one of my wedding gifts in 1975.

Mother of Pearl vintage flatware seemed 

the perfect choice for this dessert tray.

Pretty and elegant ~ just like my mom.

Won't you join us for a scoop of ice cream?

Happy Mother's Day!

Congratulations to the Tablescaper 

who is celebrating 

100th Seasonal Sunday.