Thursday, January 11, 2018

Fresh New Beginnings

January is a month of fresh beginnings.
I enjoy the sparseness of things after the tree is
down and other Christmas decorations 
are packed away till next December.

To start off the new year, I gave the buffet a simple 
vignette with a small painting, a touch of greens, and a
favorite MacKenzie-Childs vase filled with peonies. 

The vase is the Cheltenham Thistle Vase.
 It features sculptured thistle petals, hand-painted 
Courtly Checks and Stripes, and a base of faux marble.  
All of the work is done by talented artistans at 
MacKenzie-Childs in Aurora, New York.  
To create the faux marble, the artists paint with 
natural sea sponges and use a bird 
feather to create the veining.

Blush and pink peonies are the perfect mix
to give a nod to a fresh beginning.

Fluffy and full of fragrance, I was surprised to find
a bouquet of peonies available at the market.

Light and delicate, much like the
fresh feeling of a clean slate of the new year.

Here's to fresh beginnings!