Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Birds of a Feather

Metal Flowers and Birds, Round Top Collection

Welcome to Tablescape Thursday hosted by Susan @ Between Naps on the Porch. The birds are gathering here at Hyacinths for the Soul for lunch. Glad you could join in the fun!

Bécassine Figural from HB Quimper Tabac Series

Bécassine is here to greet our guests with bouquets of
fresh flowers and seed for our feathered friends.

Unmarked Desvres Figural Salt

As are our sweet young French friends, 
Monsieur Jean Marc and Mademoiselle Sophie.
Jean Marc loves to talk to Sophie's sweet little yellow finch, but young Sophie worries that her little birdie may take flight and not return to it's own special birdcage where he lives in Sophie's home.

Unmarked Desvres Figural Salt

So here she is patient and at the ready 
should the little finch take flight.
And yes, here comes more feathered friends to join the feast.

Detail on Brass Serving Tray
The sweet natured cockatoo 
with his fluffy head feathers is here.

Detail on Brass Serving Tray
And listen, did you hear the flutter of wings 
as this little parakeet flew in to the perch?

Detail on Brass Serving Tray
Could this be a large African grey parrot? 
 No doubt he got word of the party and 
definitely didn't want to be left out.

"Un Verre D' Amitié" Glasses, Simon Pearce Water Pitcher, HB Quimper Porringer, Brass Tray w/ Birds

So take a glass of blackberry sage ice tea 
and join in a toast to friendship.

"Un Verre D' Amitié" - A Glass of Friendship

Here's to friendship and our fine feathered friends!

I see the little chickadees are gathering on the table. 
 Let's see what the chef has planned.

Porte-Carte, Formaintraux Coquin

A nice light lunch for each of you with double
chocolate brownies for dessert!

Hand Crafted Victorian Gardener's Cottage 
for Wren or Purple Finch

Looks like a few of our friends live right here on the table.

Cast Iron Bird Feeder w/ Birds

Yes, I see they have begun on a lunch of their own.

Arthur Porquier Double Sided Porte-Carte

HenRiot Quimper Plate, 9.5"

The morning dove, no doubt a cautious mother, 
has brought along her little family to keep a watchful eye.

HenRiot Quimper Plate, 9.5"

Mr. Peacock is here to strut his feathers in 
celebration of joining all his feathered friends.

HenRiot Quimper Plate, 9.5"

And the crane, carefully and delicately approaches the group.

HenRiot Quimper Plate, 9.5"

Oh just listen to this sweet song bird 
as he flutters in from the garden.

HR Quimper Fan Shaped Porte-Carte

Little feet are scampering everywhere!

Unmarked Quimper Sugar Bowl with 
Bouquet of Zinnias and Fresh Basil

Does he think he is in the garden?

Unmarked Quimper Covered Casserole w/ Handles

Don't let them jump into our 
basket of fresh pain de campagne.

Chicken Salad Served in Avocado Boat in Blue Glass Bowl, Christophe Silver, Placemats by Lenox

Would you like your chicken salad with avocado?

Chicken Salad Served w/ Vine Ripe Tomato in Blue Glass Bowl

Or perhaps you prefer yours within a vine ripened tomato.

Birds Eye View of "Birds of a Feather" Luncheon

I think the birds are up on the chandelier eyeing our table. 
 Bon Appétit!

Buffet: Metal Cake Stand w/ Birds, 
Desvres Yellow Dessert Set w/ Blue Bird, Quimper Lady,
Desvres Figural Salts, Copper Planter w/ Peace Lily and Round Top Collection Accents, Brass Tray w/ Glassware

Don't forget to have a brownie before 
you flay away to visit more tablescapes.

Cosi Tabellini Italian Pewter Charger, French Appliqué Napkin

Hope you enjoyed our little birdie celebration. Click here to fly over to the QCI blog where I'm spotlighting another little party with just a few photos. Then don't miss the other beautiful tables that are listed here @ Between Naps on the Porch.