Wednesday, August 12, 2015

M is for Monkeying With a Name

My Traveling Tote and I 

have been monkeying with her name.

Miss Mary Mack Illustrations Used With Permission ~ Songs For
An excellent resource for both parents and teachers!

Anyone remember this jump rope rhyme?

It is one of my favorites and the one

my first grade students loved to chant

as they jumped rope during recess.

It's what came to mind when I

purchased the mini bag in the spring of 2010,

so I named my little bag with the big

sassy button, Miss Merri Mac.

She is the perfect bag for an evening out.

You might recall that

when Patti @ Pandora's Box first 

suggested the Traveling Totes Series,

she asked us each to give our totes a name.

Forever a fan of the Courtly Check pattern,

I hastily named my Traveling tote, Miss CC.

I've decided she deserves better!

So let it be known,

my Traveling Tote is officially now

Miss Merri Mac,

and the sassy cocktail bag, Miss Mini Merri Mac.

Hope you will join us for our next series

Tales of the Traveling Totes #3,

September 15th.

Our girls plan to venture out for a day in the park.

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