Friday, November 19, 2010

Joyful Abundance

Pink Peonies ~ Orange Tulips ~ Sunflowers

Welcome one and all!

Admittedly there isn't much pink to be found here at the moment, but orange, the color of fall, is definitely peeking out here and there. I so wanted to participate in this week's Pink Saturday so I'm taking a feng shui approach. Pink the yin is gentle and friendly, while orange, the yang, is energetic and passionate ~ a perfect balance.

The above photo is for all my sweet friends here for Pink Saturday and Shadow Shot Sunday. My friend, Jacqueline @ Purple Chocolate Home has a Pinkalicious Puerto Vallarta post to share this week. Be sure to stop by and give her a visit.

There's a little acorn fun to follow,
so please keep scrolling.

The squirrels are happy around here because there is a "joyful abundance" of acorns this year.

The critters are 

scampering in from the right . . .

And from the left.

And for me, there has been a "joyful abundance" of Courtly Check that has come my way this fall. My sweet friend, Linda @ My Shabby Rose Cottage has been busy with the paint brush again, and I've been on the receiving end of her generosity. Just look at these cute little CC pumpkins she sent as a little Fall surprise.

But wait! That's not all. 

 Courtly Check acorns 

have now arrived in abundance!

Acorns are one of my 

favorites of the autumn season. 

 Add a few in Courtly Check, and 

my heart really begins to sing.

That's not to say I don't still adore 

these big ceramic acorns that I found 

last year at Tuesday morning. 

 They have enhanced a bowl of horse apples 

that you can see here as well as 

last year's Thanksgiving table here.

This season I've mixed them in 

with some real pumpkins in the wonderful 

muted colors available this year.

I'm glad you dropped by today 

because I've baked us some little spice cakelets 

in the acorn pan I picked up last year at William Sonoma.

They are filled with a cream cheese 

icing and dipped in brown sugar crystals.

These beautiful acorn napkins were 

a little "thank you" gift from our favorite house guest. 

 You can meet Mabel here.

They are the perfect accent for

our tray of acorn cakelets.

Acorn leaves on 

the silver pastry server,

A few little fallen 

acorns from the trees,

Along with a few little 

glittered acorns scattered about.

All set the stage for this vintage teapot 

in Furnivals Brown Quail pattern. 

introduced me to this charming pattern. 

 A visit to Donna's cottage is always a treat.

See that little acorn finial. 

 That and those sweet puffy quail 

are what enticed me to find one of these.

Our hot steeping tea fills the teapot, marked 1913. 

It's waiting for us on a vintage hand carved butter dish 

inset with a transfer ware plate in the 

Blue Willow pattern, a little souvenir from my

first visit to London's Portobello Road.

So pull up a chair by the fire 

and join me for a cup of hot tea and 

one of the little acorn cakelets.