Tuesday, May 26, 2015

B is for Breaking News

Memorial Day 2015.

Austin made the national news once again.

Another Memorial Day Flood

for Austin, Texas.

Area at 15th and Lamar ~ Photo Shared By A Neighbor

Heavy rains have fallen over Austin for more than a week,

but Saturday night and Monday afternoon

the rains were torrential, filling creeks and

rivers with fast moving water.

Shoal Creek Bridge At Park Entrance On Lamar

Shoal Creek runs through west Austin

down to the Colorado River, known as Lady Bird Lake,

where the river flows through downtown Austin.

Looking South Down Lamar ~ Photo by Jill Pewet-McCann

The rains started mid afternoon, but by

late afternoon they had moved out 

leaving flooded streets behind.

Austin rescue teams were posted at major bridges

ready to assist and rescue if needed.

By 8 PM water continued to

 roar down Shoal Creek.

But the bridge over the creek near

our neighborhood was back to normal.

Remember it had been completely covered

with roaring water just hours earlier.



Austin is in the heart of what is called

Flash Flood Alley.

Flash floods are considered the leading

natural disaster in Central Texas.

Photo of Missing Corpus Christi Families That Was Posted On The Web

The small village of Wimberley, TX, 

just a few miles south of Austin, was devastated

Saturday night when the Blanco River crested 

at over 40 feet, washing homes off their foundations.

My heart aches at the news of the loss, 

especially the missing families from Corpus Christi

who are long time friends of many of my own friends.

Continued prayers and hope that these families will be rescued.


B is for Breaking News,

but A is for Appreciation,

and I'd like to once again thank

my blogging friends for all the recent emails

of concern for our safety here in Austin.

We are safe and fortunate to be high and dry.