Saturday, October 27, 2018

Celebrating the Black Cat ~ National Black Cat Day

~ National Black Cat Day ~
October 27th

Welcome Friends!

Black Cat, Black Cat
Author Unknown

Black cat, Black cat
Looking for a witch.
All around the
Night is dark as pitch.
You can see because
Your eyes are green.
Black cat, Black cat
This is Halloween!

Black cats and witches seem to go together at Halloween, and we've a few who have taken up residence here at HFTS.

Little Miss can usually be found 
in the the pumpkin patch.

While Cyrus gleefully bounces about in 
Miss Sadie's basket. No brooms for this pair.

Many of these guys like to lounge around on 
the bare branches of this spooky tree.

A Halloween Tale
Nancy Russell

Black cat prowling, stalking slow
Its shadow appeared in the pumpkin's glow.
Arched and stretching its silhouette,
It gave a yowl I can't forget.
On Halloween night, frightened as could be,
That sight and sound sent chills through me.
I still remember and it makes me smile,
What happened next put me in denial.
For there on the porch, as cute as could be
Was the neighbor's kitten for all to see.

We have costumed kiddies
and rolly polly kitties.
Black Cats on wheels and Black Cats that sing.

There is the Witch Cat found among the 
pages of this old English tale and . . .

This precious little Black Cat creeps through the pages 
of this charming little Cuddle and Read story about 
Halloween Night
 If you have little ones at home 
I highly recommend this precious story.

Dapper Sam likes to mingle 
among the pumpkin people.

Bella, Birdie, and Boo 
can be seen popping up in the nearest pumpkin patch.

Along with their friends, 
Muffin and Cupcake.

Miss Sophie will be 
practicing her latest circus act.

Rosie is our scardy cat!

We are Over the Moon about our Black Cats.

Oh, my! It looks as if Cleo and her black cat 
are having a spot of afternoon tea to celebrate 
National Black Cat Day.

Cleo likes to sip a cup of her special witches brew 
tea in the late afternoons before her nightly activities. 
 All you need is one glance at Cleo to see that she is a sweet, friendly witch. She came to live on the premises over 20 years ago. Cleo is known for her good deeds.

Mr. Barnaby, Cleo's "Cat Friday" is quite the gentleman, 
always attired in his silk vest and best bow tie. 
 He is ever present by Cleo's side to 
help her with her every need.

All the black cats in the neighborhood usually 
 like to "hang" about in the trees in envy of this pair.

A fresh steaming pot of 
witches brew tea is Cleo's favorite.

Mr. Barnbaby 
serves it up with style.

Cleo enjoys a bit of handwork during the "off season" 
and has spread today's tea table with one of her hand appliqued linens. 
 This one depicts the haunted house that sits on the hill across the creek. 
 Too spooky for Cleo and Barnaby though!

Care to join this delight pair?

Looks like Witchy Wanda and 
her green eyed cat are still hanging about. 
 They must be so envious!

Yes, you can see it in his eyes 
that he is "green with envy"!

Is that a scowl 
on his face?

Cleo and Mr. Barnaby don't seem to be a bit 
bothered though as they relax and enjoy the witches' 
brew tea among the flutter of falling leaves.

I wonder what good deeds 
they have planned for tonight?

Gazette94: Le Chat Et Les Corbeaux   The Cat and the Raven
Perhaps a little stitching before the nights end.
It is a full moon!

Wishing everyone a 
Happy National Black Cat Day!

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