Sunday, February 13, 2011

Key To My Heart

My sweet husband has held the

key to my heart for over 36 years.

He doesn't believe in 

contrived holidays like Valentine's Day,

though he often gives me flowers through the year ~ just because.

Or special little treasures 

~ just because.

He is truly 


German Charlotte ~ Alice's Key #9
Beth @ The Gypsy Journal

My sister has held the key to my heart

since we were young children.

There's no one like my sister.

She is always, always doing thoughtful

things for others ~ just because.

A vintage silver tray edged in gorgeous flowers

and butter knife adorned with acorns ~ her birthday gift to me.

She knows how to make my heart sing.

She's the kind of "sweetheart" that only a sister can be.

Happy Valentine's Day!

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