Thursday, October 22, 2020

Cast a Festive Spell Among Falling Leaves

I'm one who embraces tradition, but also one who likes 
a touch of whimsy and a little something unexpected.

Last week I joined a couple of Instagram friends to share 
our ideas for a non-traditional Halloween table.
I wanted a casual, but elegant mood, so I set an alfresco table
for dining out on the terrace under the stars.
Placesettings imbued with the rich colors of autumn and 
scented candles to fill the air with a hint of spice.

I chose to use a traditional black and orange color palette
and layered the table with beautiful linens, china, and crystal 
that would offer an unexpected touch of elegance.

Let's take a look at how it all came together.
Ruffled black and white Crown Linen Design placemats 
gave the stack a touch of whimsy. 
The Caspari Orange Floral dicut mats gave 
a touch of formality to transition into the beautiful china.
 Motthahedeh's Sacred Bird and Butterfly dinner plates offered both elegance and the perfect touch of rusty orange.
 Herend's Connect the Dots brought back in that whimsical feel.  

The exquisite MacKenzie-Childs
pumpkin topper was the nod to Halloween. 
It's shiny surface gave the look of fine china while it's polka dots
mimiced the golden dots on the rim of the plate.

I decided to remove the linen tablecloth and allowed the 
ruffled placemat to dance upon the texture of the table top.
The Courtly Check trimmed linens and vintage silver
brought in more of the elegance I wanted.

Crystal stems of amber cased glass were
a perfect additional detail along with a trio of 
simple white cachepots of potted plants. 
Scented votives filled the air with added ambience.

Above is a look at each table that my friends shared.  
These ladies are very talented stylists and ones to follow on Instagram.
Visit to see more of each table on their IG squares.
1 ~ Kim @home.on.a.hilltop
2 ~ Bonnie @bonniechasedesigns
3 ~ Suzanne @Suzannezinggstyle
4 ~ Lauren @lauren_lane_culinarian

So tell, me what you think?
Do you like to set a Halloween themed table,
or do you choose to set a mood with color and ambience?

Saturday, October 17, 2020

Sunflowers Make Me Smile

Fall has arrived bringing 
us beautiful weather.

 We enjoyed this sunny arranngement for over a week,
but after the stems began to rot, 
it was time to restyle.
Years ago, a florist shared a wonderful trick 
for extending the life of cut flowers.
She taught me to gather the blooms into a tight bouquet, 
secure them together, and cut the stems short.
Instant beautiful presentation!
It works especially well for tulips.

I repurposed my sunflowers to a smaller container, 
letting the petals fall where they may, 
and set a sunflower table for two.

These Nicloe Miller Home beaded placemats
were paired with plaid napkins from World Market 
to set the stage for my plate stack.

Plaid Chargers, Willisms Sonoma
Plaid Dinner Plate, Two's Company
Whimsical Rabbit Salad Plate, Anthropologie.

I used a pair of Two's Company mugs as
napkin holders for Crown Linen Design napkins.
I appreciate the quality of these linens as 
well as the classic touch of an elegent 
crown embroideried in a corner.

I'm eager to have a group of friends and family 
gathered round our table, but for now
it's a sunny table for two.

Sunflowers Make Me Smile!

Do you have a special flower that brings smies?

Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Tales of the Traveling Tote #24

June brought a soft reopening of Texas!

I took the opportunity to meet these two cuties!
 We met for a morning coffee, but used social distancing
and wearing of masks when not sipping our coffee.
I'll admit to getting a hug!
We had all been isolating, so I felt comfortable!

 I also took advantage of this reopening.
I have a Starbucks habit!

The cute Barista was wearing my favorite "color"!

June also brought some forward 
progress on our small remodel project.
It has been slow going with unexpected 
delays for various reasons.

The cutie on the left in the opening photo is a new bride.
She married on June 19th, but my chef
and I were only there in spirit.

Still it was fun to think about getting dressed 
up for this special occasion.

It did mean that my sister was here for the week,
so I met her for a picnic lunch one day.

We met at our favorite little lunch spot, The Sweet Lemon.
They are only offering outside dining, and it was perfect.
Picnic tables are spread out under the big oak trees,
and they keep spaces clean and santized.

After all these months, it was much needed Sister Time.

                 Grocery shopping and trips to Trader Joe's 
for flowers remain my weekly outings.

Graduations, birthdays, baby showers, birth announcements ~ 
seems all major celebrations are now honored with 
drive-by parades and signs in front yards.

No Annual Fourth of July Parades were allowed.
Instead families were encouraged to decorate their front lawns
so families could drive around and see the festive displays.
Uncle Sam and Lady Liberty held a solo parade.
You can click here to view my 4th of July Tablescape.

July also brought my sister back to visit!

If you are regular here, you know that I love flowers and gardening. 
I submitted this photo of my garden to the 
MacKenzie-Childs Avant Garden Photo Contest.

I was thrilled to have my photo selected as second place and won a beautiful collection of Courtly Check enamelware flower pots.  Still waiting arrival of part of the gift, so I will post a photo next edition.

MacKenzie-Childs canceled their onsite Annual Barn Sale
and instead held a virtual sale during the 3rd week of July.
Still waiting on my orders to ship, but I had fun shopping!
Did you shop the sale?  I'd love to know what you bought!

My husband and his twin celebrated a major birthday in August.
You can click here to read about how we celebrated.

During these strange times of isolation
it's important to reach out to others and stay in touch.

Please leave a comment and 
let me know what you've been doing.

Rita is hosting our September giveaway, 
leave a comment on her blog to be entered.
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Sunday, August 30, 2020

Celebrating My Chef

We celebrated my Chef's birthday recently.

76 Years!

With birthday celebrations limited during COVID,
the trend is to celebrate with a driveby parade.
I arranged one with 76 trombones.
Click the video to join in!

Within the house, the table was set for two.
We celebrated with a special birthday brunch.

In the Chef's honor, I thought it appropriate
to set the table with a foodie theme.

Fresh veggies on skewers were added
into the flowers for a centerpiece.

The table was set with dinner plates from our 
Rainbow Gate Fruit Series.
Cherries for me and figs for my guy.

We bought our plates in the 1990s, but they are still available.
Rainbow Gate in Santa Fe, NM.
Linens are new from my favorite linen source,
Crown Linen Designs.

 We've enjoyed our beautiful Arte Italica
petwer stemware for over 20 years.

This cute MacKenzie-Childs radish and bunny
are actually a salt and pepper.

Recently added MacKenzie-Childs 
napkin rings debuted for this special occasion.

I didn't hesitate to add these vintage handmade ceramic rings,
even though there was only one of each style available.
I'm all about a mix, so I placed the Argentina 
napkin ring at the chef's placesetting, and .   .   .

The Torquay patern in the Palm and Devon 
colorway was at my placesettinng.

We dined on a Chef original ~ a simple veal and veggie dish 
served in hashbrown potato nests.

I toasted the birthday guy with a mimosa.


German Chocolate Cake from Central Market Bakery. 

The cake was small, but more than enough for two
with extra to share with the neighbors.

Happy Birthday to my favorite guy!