Wednesday, July 4, 2018

With Liberty and Gelato for All!

 Happy 4th of July!

Or as some say here in Austin,
Happy 4th of Gelato!
The morning was hot and muggy, and since my usual
"parade buddy" is in Colorado enjoying the 4th,
I decided to forgo our annual neighborhood parade 
and take myself to Central Market for a cool gelato.

Liberty and Gelato for All!

 The gelato bar at Central Market was loaded with 
4th of July tasty treats!

 There were more than a dozen choices.  All with clever titles.
~ 4th of July Cake Batter ~ Liberty Lemonade
~ Red, White, and Blueberry ~ Yankee Doodle Candy
~ Star Spangled Banana ~ Red Velvet Revolution
~ American Pie ~ Patriotic Peach ~ We the People Watermelon 
~ Corn in the USA ~

My choice:
 Baby You're A Firework! ~

 A fun way to celebrate the 4th of July!
Happy Birthday, America!

Before leaving, I traded my cute flats
for my Courtly Check rain boots.

Because this is 4th of July, 2018 in Austin, TX.



Sunday, July 1, 2018

With a Cherry on Top!

For those who stopped by to visit my Garden Post 
last week, I promised that I'd share the 
recipe for these delicious treats.

 I tried something "new to me" in the sun garden this spring.
If you missed the Garden Party post on these tall feathery, 
colorful plants, you can view the post here.

Fresh cherries are currently in abundance 
in the grocery stores here in Austin, and for me, are
the perfect healthy snack for these hot summer days.

 We keep a bowl of fresh cherries in the refrigerator,
and I find myself frequently popping one or two 
in my mouth throughout the day.

I read that a cup of raw cherries with the pits is
roughly 90 calories, and an excellent souce of fiber.

Vanilla Coconut Cherry Cupcakes
Now these are a different story!

I've no idea how many calories are in one of these tasty treats, 
but when you read the recipe you'll see that they aren't low cal.

You can find the recipe here 
@ a favorite blog, Food Finessa.

Made with eight egg whites, the cake is light and fluffy,
and the cherry buttercream icing is as they say,
" The Cherry On Top!"

 Well worth the splurge!
Serve with a glass of ice cold lemonade,
and you have the perfect summer indulgence.

 I'm still enjoying the pretty blooms
from the sun garden.

And will continue to savor the fresh cherries
 as long as they are available.


Monday, June 25, 2018

Something New In The Sun Garden ~ Cosmos

I tried something new in the front sun garden this spring.
I spread Cosmos seeds early in the year, and we've
enjoyed a colorful bounty of delicate blooms since spring.

For over a decade, I've had Knockout Roses growing in the front.
They were a lovely welcome as you approached our home
and perfect year round in this sunny spot. Over the past
year they began to decline and limp along.  
I decided to pull them out to try something different.
Not knowing what I want to plant just yet, 
I simply scattered Cosmos seeds in after the new year. 

I'm happy I did!  
These easy growing flowers are perfect for 
our sunny spot at the front walk.

Cosmos is from the Greek word, kosmos
which means beautiful.

And beautiful they have been, with their tall feathery leaves
and vibrant colors ~ magenta, pink, orange, and white.

 Cosmos attract bees, and bees have certainly been buzzing around.
Here is one I managed to capture on the nearby Coneflowers.

My favorite thing about these pretty blooms, 
is that they are easy to grow, attract bees and butterflys, and are
perfect as cut flowers to bring inside to fill containers in our home.

Their bright colors and daisy like appearance 
are sure to bring a smile, don't you think?

 They are perfect happy blooms with which to fill my
MacKenzie-Childs vases, mugs, and flower frog bowls
of various patterns in the Taylor ceramics.

They are also the perfect addition to 
my favorite Courtly Check!

Since I'm linking this post to two special garden parties,
I baked Coconut Cherry Cupcakes for us.
It is a party after all!
Check back later in the week for a full post 
and details on these tasty cherry treats.
Be sure to stop by and visit the other garden posts.
Dates and links below.

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Monday, June 11, 2018

National Flag Week

This post was first published here in June 2014
and happens to be one of my favorite posts.
Like picking up a good book to read again, 
I find myself reposting this every two years,
Here it is again in honor of National Flag Week.  

Celebrating National Flag Week
Honoring the red, white, and blue.

Patriotic holidays and the colors of our country's flag
have always given me a sense of pride and happiness.
I'm proud to be American!
As an elementary teacher for 30 years,
patriotism was an important component
throughout the year's curriculum.
It wasn't an isolated unit, 
but rather a theme that was woven into
various activities and integrated across the curriculum.
I believe it is important to teach children respect 
for our country's flag and other patriotic symbols and .   .   .
That instilling patriotism at an early 
age enables young children to understand 
the responsibilities of good citizenship.
It makes my heart sing to drive 
through my neighborhood and .   .   .
See families proudly 
display the flag of our country.
It reminds me that the US is a country united, 
one of liberty and justice for all.




If you are an American,
pay tribute to our flag this week.
"She's A Grand Ole Flag"
Flag Day ~ June 14

All photos were taken by me and enhanced through the Waterlogue App.