Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Tablescape Thursday Celebrates 500th Post

This post celebrates Susan @ Between Naps on the Porch.
Congratulations on her 500th Tablescape Thursday!
I realize I'm a week late in sharing, but I definitely
want to celebrate this milestone with Susan.

When Susan celebrated her 500th Tablescape Thursday last week,
she asked her participants to share 5-10 of their favorite tables
created through the years that were shared at Tablescape Thursday.
If you missed last week, click here to view all the posts shared.

Susan's charming porch, is perfect for relaxing or dining.
Tablescape Thursday is the primary reason I started 
Thursdays suddenly became my favorite day of the week! 
I wanted to play at the dish table too!
When I took a look at my blog stats, they indicated
that I've shared 146 times at Tablescape Thursday.

At the Table With the Traveling Totes
My love of dishes, setting a pretty table, and sharing with
others was my incentive to jump in and create my first posts.
 Let's take a look back at a few of those 146 tables I've shared.
I invite you to revisit each post in full.  
Just click each title to view the complete post.

Entertaining in our home is always a joy for me. 
I'm forever daydreaming about table settings 
and how I can make gatherings special. 
My MacKenzie-Childs ceramics often 
provide the seed of inspiration. 
Alfresco May Day Lunch
This table was for an impromptu lunch when my cousin
stopped by for a visit on a beautiful day in May last spring.
It features an assortment of favorite MacKenzie-Childs pieces.
Still In Love
Still In Love ~ 38 Years and I'd Do It Again isn't a single tablescape, but rather snippets of various ways I've used our
Richard Ginori wedding china through the years.  
This post was created in 2013, so today the title should read,
Still in Love ~ 43 Years and I'd Do It Again.
The elegant simplicity of white bone china rimmed in 
bands of chocolate brown and gold, lends itself to a
variety of looks when paired with various other patterns.
It can easily be dressed up or down, a staple in the dish category.
Another favorite china here at Hyacinths for the Soul is 
Sacred Bird and Butterfly by Mottahedeh.
I was gifted a set of twelve of these beautiful plates by my
friend, Cherry Kay @ Entertaining Women and was thrilled
to use them as the star of this table set for a special luncheon
to celebrate my cousin, Karyn's 50th birthday.
Same plates were used for our Thanksgiving dinner in 2016,
paired with a collection of antique bread boards used as chargers.
Thank you, Cherry Kay, for the gift that keeps on giving!
One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish
I'm also a long time collector of Quimper and other French faience. On occasion, I like to feature pieces of our French pottery. 
This table was set with our whimsical Quimper fish plates when a fellow Quimper Collector was visiting for the day.
         Two Guys Named George                    Snowy Smiles
The tables above are tables for two, set out on the sunporch.
They are favorites because of the charming Mary Engelbreit Cherry dishes and the Snowy Smiles dishes that honor snowpeople.
Summer Blooms at Lazy Day Farms
I much appreciate the creativity of other tablescapers, so I'm always snapping photos when I see a table that inspires me.
This charmer was created by Marsha Smith of Cottonseed Trading out of Jacksonville, AL for a spring show @ Marburger Farm.
Circle of Friends
I'm also guilty of reaching into the cupboards to play with dishes when visiting friends.  Circle of Friends is one of those tables while at a friend's home in Santa Fe, NM.  It was fun to mix the variety of pottery found in the cupboards, especially the unique hand painted Mexican dishes with a different scene on each plate. 
I thought it especially appropriate to include this table because I created it to recognize all the friendships made through 
Tablescape Thursday.  
It was originally posted on July 20, 2010,
in honor of Susan's 100th Tablescape Thursday, and here we
are now celebrating her 500th Tablescape Thursday!

Don't forget to stop by 
where you'll find many wonderful posts 
celebrating the art of the table.

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Friday, April 27, 2018

Spring ~ A Promise of New Beginnings in the Garden

 A group of blogging friends is hosting a garden theme party today
and invited me to link something garden related.
With much of my time out working in my spring garden,
it leaves little computer time, so this is posting late in the day.

 We are enjoying a beautiful spring this year
with gorgeous days and perfect temps.

My faithful companion especially likes to be outdoors
this time of year basking in the sunshine.

My patch of bluebonnets started sprouting in December.
They peeked early, so they were at their best for our early Easter.
As you can see above though,  
they are now fading and going to seed.

Prennials and newly planted annuals are in bloom and
freshen up the front beds that get the afternoon sun.

The daylillies are full of buds.
It won't be long before they give us a daily show.
Just this mornng, a pretty yellow bloom 
greated as I walked out to the garden.
Take a look below to see what is soon to come.

Daylilies are considered a 
"sure bet perennial."

They are hardy plants that can adapt to most 
any soil and are both drought and frost tolerent. 

As their name implies, the blooms last for one day,
opening early morning and withering by nightfall.

Multiple blooms grow on each stalk
so that new blooms open
day after day.

Daylilies grow in clumps with long,
linear arching leaves.

Alabama Jubilee

Johnny One Note

~ D is for Daylily ~ 
Plant some in your garden!

Thanks to our garden hosts.  Stop by to visit their links below.
Home and Gardening with Liz ~ Life and Linda  
Poofing the Pillows

Happy Gardening, All!
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Friday, April 6, 2018

A Taste of West Virginia ~ Traveling Tote Friends

The Traveling Tote Girls have teamed up
to share something tasty from our own town or region.

Most of you know my darling friend, Rita @ Panoply.
She is one of the Traveling Tote Girls 
and was my swap partner for our 
Taste of Our Town Swap.
In addition to our shared passion for MacKenzie-Childs,
Rita and I share a love of gardening, antiques, travel,
cooking, and setting a pretty table.
Rita lives in Charleston, WV, and sent 
 me some delicious treats from J. Q. Dickinson.

J.Q.Dickinson is America's oldest working salt farm
that harvests salt by hand from an ancient ocean trapped 
below the Appalachian Mountains in West Virginia.
A jar of Ramp salt gives the true flavor of Appalicia
and is much appreciated by "the chef" who does the cooking here.

A decorative egg shaped box contained a jar of 
yummy caramel sauce, of which I've treated myself
to each time I've had a little ice cream.

Pawpaw Butter!
I'd never heard of Pawpaw Butter,
but let me tell you, it makes a perfect topping 
on my morning biscuits, tasting a bit like mango and banana.
I learned that Pawpaw fruit is native to eastern 
United States and Canada, and is a staple in West Virginia.
Look for a future post devoted to Pawpaw.

Included in my gift package
were a Junior Leage Cookbook, 
MOUNTAIN MEASURES, first published in 1974
and the February 2018 issue of Southern Living.

I spent a recent morning reading through many of the recipes,
though Rita had already earmarked a recipe from the
cookbook that was featured in the February Southern Living.
Shaker Lemon Pie

For the crust, I opened my Houston Junior League Cookbook
for my favorite go to recipe, "No Fail Pie Crust."

Shaker Lemon Pie is as easy as 1, 2, 3!
Simply take two lemons and slice them into super thin slices.
Yep, you use the entire lemon, rind and all.
Just be certain to remove the seeds!
Macerate the lemon slices in 2 cups of sugar.
I left mine macerating over night.  
Next beat 4 eggs and fold them into the lemon mixture.
Pour this into a pie crust, top it with another crust,
and bake it for 15 minutes at 450, before reducing the heat 
to 350 for an additional 30 minutes.
You can find printable recipes on the web.

 When there is food involved, this girl
isn't far from the action.

 I admit I, too, was eager for this pie to come out of the oven.
I'd never had Shaker Lemon Pie!

 To reward my efforts and to take a break from spring gardening,
I fixed a little afternoon treat to enjoy on the sun porch.

 Oh, my!  What a treat it was!
Wow!  This pie, with its sharp tangy flavor 
and chewy texture, is totally addicting!

It's like eating 
marmalade out of a jar!

 To quench my thirst, Me and the Bees Lemonade 
was the perfect beverage.
Go here to read about Mikaila Ulmer
Austin's young entrepreneur,
who has taken her lemonade idea and turned 
it into a thriving business.

 On my way back inside, I couldn't resist adding a 
petite bouquet of Summer Phlox from my garden.
The pinks are perfect with my MacKenzie-Childs ceramics.

I want to thank Rita for bringing some sunshine into our home.
The Chef and I have enjoyed and appreciated our
Taste of West Virginia!

Many thanks, dear friend!
Rita @ Panoply.
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