Monday, January 18, 2021

Snow Fun

J A N U A R Y  18th
~ World Day of the Snowman ~

Unlike many of my friends, January is 
actually a favorite month for me.

We don't often have severe winters here in central Texas. 
In fact our winter days can be a roller coaster
of temperatures and weather patterns.

A recent Sunday was one of those winter weather days!
We woke to heavy rain, but by 10 AM, 
snow was gently falling and continued till late in the day.

Areas west and north of town received considerable more
snow than the few inches that accumulated here. 

Our beautiful Capitol grounds January 10, 2021
Photo Credit, Richard F. Lyons

Families delighted in the winter wonderland, and snowmen 
could be seen in many outdoor spaces across Austin neighborhoods.

By Monday, the snow had dissolved, leaving vestiges of those
neighborhood snowmen standing on brown winter grass.
I know, not a very pretty sight! 

Most January days are 
simply cold and dreary here.

But, that's OK with me. 
I'm a fan of winter!

I get to dress Sadie in a favorite sweater,
though admittedly she doesn't like rain or snow.

She would rather be
 inside up on a comfy bed or .   .   .

In her favorite chair 
with her cuddly snowman.

You'll find me on the sofa with a cup of hot tea while 
the chef sips on his mug of hot chocolate.

Yes, January 
is a favorite month.

I get to celebrate my birthday in January, 
the birthdays of some dear friends,
and a great niece and nephew.

Are you living among snowy scenes, 
out playing in the snow and enjoying the winter sports?

I say,
"Let it snow!"

Have you ever built a snowman?

Or, how about a Snowhog?
Samantha posted photos on her FB page with the quote:
 "When you show hogs, you don't make snowmen!"
Is this not the cutest?  Talk about having fun in the snow!
Photo credit, Samantha McGinnis

Tell me, are you a fan?
Is January a favorite month for you?
What do you like to do in January?

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Sunday, January 3, 2021

Welcome 2021 ~ A New Year!

Rabbit, Rabbit

Welcome January 2021!
I hope everyone greeted the 1st
with Rabbit, Rabbit for good luck!

A peek back at  
New Year's Eve 2019.

We welcomed 2020 with a toast
and great expectations!

Little did we know what the 
year 2020 would bring!

Our champagne toasts this New Year's Eve 
welcomed 2021 with open arms
as we eagerly said goodbye to 2020.

Like all our celebrations in 2020
our table was set for two.

White tulips, Veuve Cliquot, and details of 
black and gold set the stage.

Festive horns were close at hand
to make a little noise!

Beautiful linens from Crown Linen Designs
offered an elegant touch perfect for a celebration.

And perfect for our dish stack and flatware 
that continued the black and gold theme.

Elegant Gold Rimmed Glass Chargers
Robert Stanley Collection Purple Dinner Plates 
Smashing Plates Celebration Salads Hand Painted In Gold
222 Fifth Clock Cocktail Plates
Gold Ball Stems
MacKenzie-Childs Black Tie Flatware

The buffet offered a melange of tasty treats.

Our friendly butler with 
pretty cookies from Hayles Cookies.

Oreo candy canes and a cone of a
new favorite sweet/salty mix.

Seriously! ~ A friend sent us a big bag of this deliciousness!  Thank you, Janice!
It's a sweet and salty mix coated in 
white chocolate and confectionary sugar.
Yes, it is perfect and addictive!!!

Cheers and Happy New Year!

Pop the cork and raise a toast 
to a year of good health for all!

Cheers Y'all!

Leave a comment and tell me about your 
New Year's Eve 2020.
Did you start the year with a kiss?

Monday, December 28, 2020

Tête-à-Tête ~ Christmas 2020

Christmas Tête - à -Tête 
December 2020

Tête - à -Tête 
~ a conversation between two people
In French, a Tête - à -Tête literally means "head to head."
Pour yourself a cup of tea and a let's have a
Tête - à -Tête about Christmas 2020 here at HFTS.

No question the holiday season of 2020 was by far
very different from all our past celebrations, 
though that didn't deter me from adding festive 
touches around our home this December.

A tray of Connie Roberts' folk art Santa whistles added
a touch of whimsy and brought smiles.

Twinkle lights and collected Santa figures are 
like old friends come for a yearly visit.

Christmas mice, given to me by an aunt in 1975,
brought sentimental memories of special times.

Early in our marriage, The Chef  hung a petite copper 
heart chocolate mold on our tree, a thoughtful, romantic gift.

Over the years we found more petite copper hearts,
 and a new collection began as I came across other little copper chocolate molds here and there, along with small copper bells. 
Isn't that how most collections begin?
 Now they decorate a small tabletop tree each year.

Over time, we also found larger copper hearts,
each with an endearing message in German. 
I like to use them in holiday vignettes. 
The handsome wooden soldier came to live here in recent years, 
 a purchase from my friend, Rita @ Panoply
She and her sisters have a fun filled space at an antique mall.

Nutcrackers gather on the sun porch table.
Can you spot the new one?  
I couldn't resist the small Highland Nutcracker on a flash 
sale the week of Christmas with Christmas Eve delivery!  
Thank you, MacKenzie-Childs!

The darling watercolor by Monique @ La Table de Nana
is a cherished reminder of friends across the miles any time of year.

The talented Jenna @The Painted Apron surprised
me with this darling farm truck that she painted.
It's the perfect accessory with my 
MacKenzie-Childs Farmer Nutcracker.

Let's talk about holiday table settings!
COVID has changed traditional entertaining.
Tables for eight or ten are now a table for two.
To keep our home festive, I made a point to keep our table
set with the ambiance of the holidays through out December.
I simply changed up the plate stack a little from week to week.

Juliska introduced their Stewart Tartan this fall.
Those little gnomes insisted I add a touch of 
this traditional look to our holiday table. 

My generous, thoughtful friend Victoria @ Crown Linen Designs
sent me the salad plates of the new Arte Italica Natale,
They are a perfect pairing for the tartan!

A snowy vignette on a silver tray served 
as a simple centerpiece for our holiday table.

I added a few bottle brush trees and an
origami reindeer from my ornament box. . . 

Along with this cute MacKenzie-Childs gnome 
and old fashioned faux snow sprinkled across the tray 
to complete the winter wonderland scene.

An Instagram and blogging friend, 
shared this wonderful stag plate on her IG feed, 
and I rushed to Hobby Lobby with hopes of adding these
to my plate stack for yet another look.  I bought the last one, and searches far and wide to add more turned up empty handed.  
If any of my readers see this pattern for sale, please alert me.  
They are part of the Farmhouse Christmas by Robert Stanley.

I layered the plate stacks atop my favorite 
Crown Linen Design's 
black and white check linens with a touch of 
MacKenzie-Childs tartan napkins kicked to the side.

I traded out the white Vintage Garden charger 
from the Ambiance Collection 
for a green porcelain charger by Zirke.

Part of playing with dishes is trying out different
looks with the same basic stack.
Just change out a charger, salad plate, stack topper, 
flatware, or linens for a complete new look.

Don't forget to add a fun plate 
topper for a holiday touch!

Our Christmas dinner stack included a fun new touch
with Bauble Stockings at each of our place settings.  
Donner for The Chef.

Napkins ~ Victorian Red by Crown Linen Designs
Bauble Stockings are exquisitely hand stitched by women in Haiti who are paid a fair trade wage and provided with tuition for their children's education, books, after school curriculum, breakfast, and lunch.
As a lifetime stitcher, I stand in awe of Kate Stewart, her generous business model, her enthusiasm, her kind heart, 
and these perfect little stockings.

Thanks for the visit.
Leave a comment and let me know
how you celebrated this holiday season.
As we sometimes say in Texas,
"Happy Y'allidays!"

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