Monday, June 11, 2018

National Flag Week

This post was first published here in June 2014
and happens to be one of my favorite posts.
Like picking up a good book to read again, 
I find myself reposting this every two years,
Here it is again in honor of National Flag Week.  

Celebrating National Flag Week
Honoring the red, white, and blue.

Patriotic holidays and the colors of our country's flag
have always given me a sense of pride and happiness.
I'm proud to be American!
As an elementary teacher for 30 years,
patriotism was an important component
throughout the year's curriculum.
It wasn't an isolated unit, 
but rather a theme that was woven into
various activities and integrated across the curriculum.
I believe it is important to teach children respect 
for our country's flag and other patriotic symbols and .   .   .
That instilling patriotism at an early 
age enables young children to understand 
the responsibilities of good citizenship.
It makes my heart sing to drive 
through my neighborhood and .   .   .
See families proudly 
display the flag of our country.
It reminds me that the US is a country united, 
one of liberty and justice for all.




If you are an American,
pay tribute to our flag this week.
"She's A Grand Ole Flag"
Flag Day ~ June 14

All photos were taken by me and enhanced through the Waterlogue App.


Monday, June 4, 2018

The Magnolias Are In Bloom

 Breathe deeply and take in the intoxicating scent.  
The Magnolias are in bloom!

 We don't have a magnolia tree growing in our yard,
but fortunately magnolias are abundant in our neighborhood.

 On occasion, I'll snip a bloom or two
from a neighbor's tree to bring into our home.

Few treees have such a magnificant bloom.

 The blooms are short lived, but oh my,
the fragrance is exotic and intoxicating.

 The magnolia tree is an ancient genus.
With many varieties, it is the Magnolia Grnadiflora
that commonly grows here in Austin.

The Magnolia is a harbinger of spring.

Each day as I take my morning walk,
the neighborhood is filled
with a very distinct lemony fragrance.

It announces the magnolia blooms
that are in abundance this time of year.

These splendid white beauties are named
for the 17th century French botanist, Pierre Magnol.

Native to both Asia and the Americas, the evergreen
tree has leathery leaves and gorgeous large white blooms.

Considered to be very primitive,
the blooms are similar to the very first flowers.

Magnolia blooms open in layers,
can be as large as 10 inches across,
and have as many as 14 tepals.

Both Mississippi and Louisiana
selected Magnolias as their state flower.

It's no surprise that these
blooms are associated with . . .



Dignity and,


Join me on the 
terrace for a cup of tea.

We'll talk spring gardens and take in the beauty
and fragrance of my neighbors' magnolia trees.

Joining  Pam @ Everyday Living
for her first Gardens Galore Party of 2018.

Friday, June 1, 2018

Tales of Traveling Tote # 15

Welcome back to Tales of the Traveling Tote #15.
Miz Checkers, aka The MKC Town Tote, is my go to bag for 
buzzing about town, but this gal has been "roaring" 
to hop in the car and take a little day trip.

In April, I slipped on my comfy Napoleonic Bee flats, 
grabbed Miz Checkers, and and the two of us joined
my group of CAMEO friends to head south to San Antonio.

Taken from the Argly's Website, Used With Permision
It was a beautiful spring day, and our first stop was the Argyle.
This historic property was built in 1854 and served as the headquarters of the Charles Anderson horse ranch which stretched
over thirty miles from San Antonio into the Texas hill country.
The structure features beautiful verandas with white columns.

Our group was welcomed into this beautiful private dining club
now owend by Southwest Foundation for Biomedical Research.
Seated in a private room, we enjoyed a glass of champagne
while learning a bit of the history of this fascinating property.
A delicious and beautifully presented lunch followed.
If you wish to know more about this property visit their website.

 Then we were off to another historical property, The Vila Finale.
First begun in 1876, the home took on several transformations to become the Italianate structure that stands today in the 
King William Historic District of San Antonio, TX.
Meticulously restored in the late 1960s by preservationist, 
Walter Mathis, Villa Finale today serves as a National Trust Property and home to Mr. Mathis' prodigious collections.

 Most notably is Mr. Mathis' extensive and remarkable 
collection of Napoleonic Memorabillia.  
One finds an amazing assortment of things related to 
Napoleon Bonaparte, for whom Mr. Mathis had a life long fascination, first beginning when Mr. Mathis was eleven years old.
With these artifacts in almost every room of the mansion,
I was in Napoleonic Euphoria.  As some of you may know,
I, too, have collected Napoleonic memorabillia through the years.
You can find a previous post on my modest collection here.

 Mr. Mathis' collecting habit extended beyond his interest in Napoleonwith extrodinary collections of European furniture, religious art, and the decorative arts, as well as Texas art and
furniture, and Texas Campaign ceramics.

Miz Checkers also enjoyed a few special outings here
in Austin, making new friends along the way.

 Look who came to town ~ The Beekman Boys!
In Austin to promote their new book, 
I didn't want to miss the opportunity to say "Hi, Neighbors!"
With Miz Checkers in tow, off we went downtown on a chilly day.
These guys are just as warm and friendly as they appear on TV. 
What fun to connect with these two talented and engaging guys.
A SEAT AT THE TABLE, available on Beekman 1802.  

Do you remember Miss Merri Mac's adventure to 
Austin's Stickworks Sculpture here?
My sister was in town to help with these two cuties while 
they were on their school spring break.
It was the perfect opportunity for us to picnic in the park, 
introduce the girls to the Stickworks Sculpture,
and make a return visit to my see my friend's donkeys.
The girls had fun chasing each other in and out among the stick rooms and exploring the creek, but it was no surprise that the donkey visit was the favorite of the day.

Meet, Pamela, a new friend and MacKenzie-Childs enthusiast.
 Patti, our Traveling Tote organizer, introduced me to this lovely 
lady, who happens to live right here in Austin.

It's fun to have a local friend who shares a passion for MKC, 
and as friends often do, the two of us have combied our MKC stash to help each other out. Pamela loaned me a couple of 
her Flower Market trays to augment my own Flower Market
pieces used for a recent Garden Club lunch, and some of my Courtly Check enamel ware was used for a special engagement party to honor Pamela's son and his fiancee.  Combined forces!!!

Pamela used a Courtly Check theme for her table,
and incorporated some darling mugs she found to fill with flowers.
The proposal and engagement party was a surprise for the 
bride-to-be, but note her choice of dress.
This girl rocks black and white!
Congratulations, Eric and Krystal!

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