Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Dallas Blooms ~ Dallas Arboretum March 2014

~ Dallas Blooms Dallas Arboretum ~

This year's theme is Birds in Paradise,

 and celebrates the 30th year of this amazing event.

Two 13 foot tall peacock 

topiaries strut across the lawn.

Their tails, 65' and planted with over 

23,000 plants, will change with the seasons.

A variety of cherry trees 

burst with fluffy pink blossoms.

The gardens, a kaleidoscope of color,

feature over 500,000 spring bulbs in full bloom.

Preparations began months before when a

 huge truck load of bulbs arrived from Holland.

First chilled for a period of time, 

the bulbs were then hand planted by a 

cast of volunteers and staff in early December.

Tulips, daffodils, hyacinths, and Dutch Iris 

are planted in mass according to a "recipe" of sorts.

Beds are designed with color in mind 

and planned so that the bulbs will bloom in 

waves for the duration of the festival.

Bulbs are planted first, 

then over layered with thousands of 

viola and pansy plants.

As one wanders the pathways,

the scent of fragrant hyacinths and daffodils fill the air.

Sunny, happy 

faces sway in the breeze.

The 66 acres along the 

southeast shores of White Rock Lake

become a rainbow of color. 

~ Dallas Blooms ~

A Gardener's Paradise

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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

It's Easy "Bein" Green

It's time to pull
out the green to celebrate
St. Patrick's Day! 

Miss Sadie reminded me
that we have some new plates
perfect for celebrating in green.

One of my birthday presents this past January ~
colorful tartan plates by 
Two's Company.

A table  
for one this week.

Stacked with 

Large dinner plate used as a charger. 
Eggplant ~ Espana by Tabletop Limited

My frequently used checkered
heart shaped salad plates by
Mesa International.

Perfectly topped with a 
shamrock bowl.

Paired with vintage 
mother of pearl flatware.

It's easy "bein" green
with dishes like these!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

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Monday, March 3, 2014

Living With Blue and White

It's no secret that I've a passion 

for ceramics, and ones in blue and white 

have always been favorites.

So why not join the March 

Blue and White Bash @ The Pink Pagoda

Cool and calming, blue and white

offers a respite to our daily life.

Providing positive vibes  

for both mind and body   .   .   .   

A touch of tranquility to our day  .    .   .

And joyful inspiration.

In some cultures, many believe

that blue and white keeps bad spirits away. 

For me .   .   .

it makes my heart sing.

Fills my 

day with joy!

Sometimes I like a

 punch of pink

to add a touch of sass.

But most often it's white blooms

that fill my blue and white.

The combination 

is timeless and unmatched.

~ Blue and White ~ 

A constant in my life.

Tell me, do you

live with blue and white?

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