Tuesday, January 16, 2024

Tea on Tuesday - Come In From the Cold For Tea

Old Man Winter came knocking at our door this week.  
Like most of the US, Texas is in the grip of freezing temps.
I'm content to cozy up by the fireplace reading or stitching, but it's a special treat when a friend pops in for a chat and cup of tea.
So come in!  I'm happy you are here.

Welcome to Tea on Tuesday
It's the first Tea on Tuesday for 2024, and I'm excited and honored  to be included as a guest host to share along with Pam and Mary and each of you today as we start 2024 off with January's Tea on Tuesday.
Texas winters are not typically icy or snowy, and I'm 
the first to admit that I'm just fine with that.  I like sweater weather,
sitting by the fire, and taking brisk walks in the cold, but as beautiful as a snowy scene is, this Texan prefers to create her own snowy vibe with vignettes within our warm, cozy abode.

I spied this vintage Japanese hand painted tea pot and 6 mugs in a favorite consignment store marked down to a few dollars.
The colors and design appealed, and I prefer a mug for my hot tea, hands wrapped around the steaming liquid for warmth.
What about you?  Cup and Saucer or Mug?

The pretty Belleek bowl was also at this shop for a mere $2.50.
It's the perfect container for flowers, but today I filled it with one of my favorite winter time teas, English Caramel, from a local shop.
High in caffeine, this decadent, sweet Indian black tea with slivers of caramel is manufactured here in Austin at The Steeping Room.

I like to use these individual tea steeping spoons 
when tea bags are not an option.  

This pair is silver with mother of pearl handles. 

Like to add a little sweetener?  Honey or sugar hearts?
The c1900 honey pitcher was a Colorado consignment shop find 
this summer.  Love the white opalescent dots and its pewter top.

What's afternoon tea time without a sweet treat?
Our local Central Market frequently celebrates with a theme, and currently they are featuring a Citrus Fest with over 50 varieties of citrus fruits to enjoy or to use to enhance other products.

I indulged in sampling a wealth of delicious dishes and came home with a few ingredients to try myself, and picked up these mini  lemonade bundt cakes from the bakery just for you.

How cute and easy is this presentation?
Punch Up the Flavor With Citrus!

These Battenberg Lace napkins were a wedding gift.
This delicate lace work reminds me of snowflakes.

Did you notice my white camellia blooms?
White By the Gate 
I have two large bushes in full bloom!

Click here to see a previous tea with my snowmen.
A cozy fire doesn't scare them!

So happy you stopped in for tea today.
I always appreciate your visits and comments.

Help yourself to a few Winter Berry Chocolates,
then bundle up and pop on over to visit Pam and Mary.
You'll find their invitations to tea time below.

Happy January!

The summer we married, my husband was in graduate school, and I was employed as a teacher. We took a portion of our savings that summer and purchased a sailboat. We christened our Catalina 22, “Hyacinths For The Soul” after Saadi’s poem. Our "Hyacinths" provided years of pleasure.


  1. Good morning Sarah, What a beauty your new-to-you teapot and mugs are…and that Belleek bowl, what a steal. (I’m green with envy ☘️) You have the best luck consignment shopping and antiquing! Your mini lemonade bundt cakes are adorable and no doubt delicious too. I love citrus anything; it’s like culinary sunshine in the middle of winter. Your tea tray and vignette is so wonderful, I love seeing all your curated touches and collections. The steeping spoons with MOP handles are beauties too. Oh to have those camellia blooms and some winter flower therapy in your garden to enjoy this time of year! I can’t believe how unseasonably cold it’s been in Tx, brrrrrr…! We’re dipping down to where are will be in the teens tomorrow for the rest of the week. Pam and I are always so happy to have you join us this for tea. Stay Warm ☕💗

  2. Good morning, Sarah. I just love the vintage Japanese hand-painted teapot and mugs that you discovered at a consignment shop plus the Belleek bowl was an amazing find! I need to find time to do more antiquing and consignment shopping. Your collections and details are always beautiful and interesting. I am especially drawn to the Battenberg lace napkins even more special that they were a wedding gift. Another great find is your antique honey pitcher with a pewter top. Anything citrus always appeals to my tastebuds, I can just imagine how delicious the bundtlet cakes must be.

    Mary and I are always thrilled to have you join us for Tea on Tuesdays. Stay warm dearest Sarah ❤️

  3. Thank you, Mary! Yes, teens here today as well, but then we gradually begin to warm up. As you say, here today, gone tomorrow. Fine with me. I'm not a fan of extreme cold. Sadly the Whites By The Gates are now brown blooms instead of pristine white. So sad! The extreme cold took it's tole. Glad I cut a few to enjoy. Wish I had cute them all! Stay warm!

  4. Sarah, I share your love for " White by the Gate" camellia. As I cut some yesterday I was sad the myriad of buds would not be pretty after the freeze coming tomorrow.
    Love your vintage Japanese tea pot and mugs, the delightul vintage honey pitcher, and the delicious looking bundt cakes from Central Market. I miss our Texas trips since our kids moved to Colorado and going to Central Market.
    I enjoyed your charming post today.

  5. I'm such a sucker for snow people so I especially loved your snowmen -- from the opening photo to the last! What a lovely tea; I'm certain anyone would be delighted to join you at your beautiful table! Keep cozy out there!

  6. Ah, Sarah, your eye for finds delights me! The Japanese majolica set, the syrup pitcher used for honey, the teaspoon strainer, the skuttle for the chocolates - all an antiquer's dream! And your Battenburg napkins are still lovely. A lovely tea setting, and yes, I absolutely did notice the beautiful camellias! I'll be out brushing off our 6" of snow from my boxwoods and other shrubs this morning, but what I wouldn't give to come inside to tea by the fireplace with you and your snowmen! The lemon bundts and tea sound delicious! Stay cozy, my friend.

  7. Charming! I loved the Japanese mugs.

  8. Sarah, your new find in the Japanese teapot and cups are lovely. How fun to find them and the beautiful Belleck bowl. I never find anything at our local shops. The Battenberg lace napkins are beautiful, such a special wedding gift. How special to have camellia blooms, they are gorgeous. A beautiful tea setting to enjoy on a cold dreary day. I would love a nice cup of tea and those lovely little Bundt cakes.

  9. Dearest Sarah,
    Always lovely to have a hot tea in winter!
    Those mug finds are perfect for warming your hands around...
    Lovely Camellia Japonica White by the Gate!
    We got that winte rbloomer as well: https://mariettesbacktobasics.blogspot.com/2013/01/camellia-japonica-white-by-gate.html
    My personal tea cup & coffee cup collection is one of the most visited blog posts on my humble blog of 4,059,849 views:
    Hugs and best wishes for 2024!

  10. Such a lovely January tea party Sarah! I'm not a fan of winter either and our Birmingham is shut down today because of snow and ice, so I'm sitting by the fire wishing I could have a cup of tea with you! I love your cute snow people, and your new teapot and mugs {I prefer a mug too} the caramel laced tea sounds amazing! Your tea steeping spoons are gorgeous, and the lace napkins are too pretty to use! Love the lemon bundt cake, yum! Gorgeous camellias~ You always create such special vignettes, everything looks so nice~ stay cozy and I hope it warms up soon!

  11. Great photos.....wee are having a cold week with snow flurries but nothing like Buffaloo weather!! I would love to sit and chat with you while having a cup of tea! This reminds me of visiting my aunt years ago and it was something we always enjoyed doing together!

  12. Oh Sarah, your pretty tea is warming my heart and soul on this frigid day in Texas! What beautiful bargains and teasures you’ve found to enjoy. I use a teacup and saucer every morning on my breakfast tray, but use a mug in the afternoons to warm my hands. Your tea flavor sounds divine and I’d love a sample of your treats. Thank you for sharing such a lovely tea today. 💕

  13. Thank you so much for your gracious invitation ,to join you for tea and such wonderful treasures. I always go back to see and read again, to see all your details!

  14. Sarah, beautiful tea set. I'm with you, tea cups and saucers are very appropriate and romantic, but a mug to wrap your hands around is the best..xxoJudy

  15. Sarah,
    Thanks so much for stopping by!! This sweet tablescape is absolutely enchanting!! I am a sucker for Snowmen and Winter decor... We are in the grips here of an arctic front and our temp. is currently 14 degrees...Had 3 inches of snow yesterday and are predicted to get 3-4 more on Friday....I hope you are having a great week!!

  16. I really love the sweet snowmen, Sarah. I love the tea cups and saucers but if I am having coffee first thing in the morning I like a 'delicate' mug. lol. Hope you have a wonderful rest of the week. Wish I could join you in your beautiful setting for a bit of tea and chat! xo Diana

  17. What a lovely tea you have set! Having lived in Texas for a number of years, now in Idaho, I do remember the terrible cold fronts that would blow in. Yes, having a nice warm cup of tea inside is best! Your finds at the thrift store are marvelous! I love all the lovelies that you shared! Happy to "have tea" with you today. I am drinking Vanilla Chai Tea today. :)

  18. All so beautiful Sarah - you are definitely still in top form regarding tablescapes, thrift store finds and surrounding yourself and sharing with us such lovely china and table decor.
    The mini lemonade bundt cakes look really scrumptious!


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