Tuesday, January 17, 2023

Teatime With My Snowpeople

January days are typically gray and dreary here in Texas, 
perfect for setting a cozy teatime with my friends Mary and Pam for
Tea on Tuesdays.  

I'm always thrilled when these special ladies kindly extend 
an invitation to guest host for one of their monthly parties.
Thank you, Mary and Pam!

January and February are typically our coldest months, and 
though we rarely get snow, I have a soft spot for snowpeople.  
Tomorrow, January 18th is 
World Snowman Day.

It is also my birthday!  
What better way to celebrate than 
with tea and birthday cake beside a cozy fire!

When I saw this darling cake at Whole Foods Bakery
I knew it would be perfect for Tea on Tuesdays.

Want to join me by the fire 
for a cup of tea and birthday cake?

I recently read Lisa Richey's Tea Time Etiquette Tips
on Victoria Magazine's site.
Unfortunately the link is no longer working.

Tea time can be whatever one wants.
Mine is usually a simple, modest, time to relax alone or with a friend.
I like to fill my tea pot with hot water, then use individual 
tea bags to offer a variety of tea if a guest is joining.
My tea service is Richard Ginori Palermo Brown,
our wedding china selected in 1975.

Lisa Richey says that hot tea is served 
with lemon slices, not wedges.

Sugar should be cubes served with tongs.

Milk, not cream, is offered for hot tea.
I have a silver tea caddy that holds an assortment of tea bags.
My current choice for winter tea is John Harney's 
Hot Cinnamon Sunset, a blend of black teas, 
three types of cinnamon, orange peel, and sweet cloves.  

After steeping in the cup of hot water, one should 
have a strainer available for the wet teabag.  
Another etiquette tip from Lisa Richey is that the 
spoon should move front to back rather than swirl around.

I often use linen cocktail napkins for tea time, 
but beautiful paper cocktail napkins are nice too.

Typically tea time might include a variety of sweets
and something savory served from a tiered tray.

Since I'm just serving cake, I used salad plates 
that will hold both my tea cup and cake.
These beautiful cups were gifted to me several years ago.
They were from a friend's grandmother's estate, and my friend 
knew I would love these delicate cups and saucers and use them.

Vintage silver and mother of pearl forks, and an antique English
silver cake knife make even the simplest teatime feel special.

Even for casual teatime, use your special pieces.
They will add a touch of elegance.

I might add that this cake is beautifully detailed.
It's a work of art!

Hope your winter is cozy and that special times are shared with
those you hold dear, perhaps savoring a cup of tea together.

This painting by Betsy Hybicki was a thrifty find some years ago.  
I smile at the joy depicted in this snowy scene and winter activities.
Leave me a comment and let me know about your winters.  
What do you like to do on a snowy day?  
Do you like to build a snowman?   

Or are you like me and have to 
settle for snowmen inside the house?

Bundle up and make your way over to 
my friends for more teatime delights.
Links below:

Mary @ Home is Where the Boat Is

Pam @ Everyday Living

Sadie says, "Don't forget to hug a snowman tomorrow.
It's World Snowman Day!



The summer we married, my husband was in graduate school, and I was employed as a teacher. We took a portion of our savings that summer and purchased a sailboat. We christened our Catalina 22, “Hyacinths For The Soul” after Saadi’s poem. Our "Hyacinths" provided years of pleasure.


  1. Great minds sip alike Sarah, I’m a big fan of cinnamon spice and orange in my tea! Happy Early Birthday to you, what an adorable cake to pair with your snowpeople for tea by your cozy fire place! I love the sparkle of your gleaming silver pieces and I have English silver cake knife-envy…love the engraving and flowers on your knife as well as the pretty details on your lemon fork and sugar tongs. I did not know that January 18th was World Snowman Day, snow much fun. ❄️ ☃️ I always enjoy seeing your collections, your Winter Snowpeople are adorable. We’re so happy to have you join us today for tea. Wishing you a wonderful birthday week ahead ❣️ 🎂 🎉 Puppy kisses to Sweet Sadie 🐾

  2. Aw, Sadie is just precious! And I loved reading all about tea etiquette! This was such an interesting post. Thank you for the reminder to use special pieces, even for casual tea time. It is so true that the vessels we use to drink from or eat off of really make a difference in our mood. I love drinking my homemade iced coffee from a pretty glass. I love your blog and will be subscribing. God bless you in this new year!

  3. Your winter snowfellow is so darned cute! And I love your beautiful china -- similar but slightly different from my Doulton Royal Gold. The cups your friend gave you look wonderful with it and with your beautiful silver. (And those cocktail napkins are darling, too.) I'm a big fan of "using the good stuff" for occasions other than the big holidays. Otherwise, what's the point? It can make even the more mundane seem special. And that cake -- well, that was a real find. I wonder if our Whole Foods has a similar one. I've never checked out their bakery. Finally, thanks for the tip on World Snowman day. I finally have the Santas down but the snow folk need to come up. I'll be sure to do it today. It's the only snow I'll be seeing here in Michigan for a bit. We're in the 40s and even the parking lot mountains have melted!

    Meanwhile, all good wishes for a beautiful birthday tomorrow. I hope it is the first day of a new year that brings you many smile, much happiness and some delightful new experiences.

  4. Sarah, I would love sitting by the fire and enjoying tea and cake with you. Happy birthday, wishing you a day filled with love and friendships. I am always amazed by your attention to detail and your stunning collections. The cake is truly a work of art. I have been to the Whole Foods in downtown Austin and perused the aisles for over an hour. Your winter snow people are adorable and like Mary, I have English silver cake knife envy. Every piece on your table is perfect in detail. Happy World Snowman Day and sending sweet wishes to your beloved Sadie. It is always a pleasure to have you join us, sweet Sarah 🥰

  5. Cute post and beautiful cake - sending birthday wishes your way tomorrow! Tea always reminds me of my Mom as she always loved a cup. She gave many lectures on teas, how to pour the perfect cup, and even wrote a booklet on it (the attached bookmark for the book was a hanging 'tag' like a tea bag has hanging from it). I prefer ice tea, but on a cold Ny wintery day a hot cup warms me up!

  6. Oh Sarah, this is all so delightful! Happy World Snowman Day and Birthday tomorrow! I am in love with your snow people, so so cute. You must have been so tickled when you found that adorable snowman cake, so perfect for your snow themed tea! Your tea service, cups and silver things are oh so pretty...I prefer the pretend snowmen rather than the real thing and love to decorate with snow people and winter things in January. Sadie is so sweet, thank you for the smiles this morning 💕

  7. Happy Birthday, dear Sarah! I agree that darling Snowman cake is a work of art! what a delightful and charming post. I adore your wedding china tea set and the beautiful cups from your friend. You have lovely taste and such a talent for designing vignettes and sharing insight in your commentary. Thanks for the tea tips. I enjoyed picturing myself at your beautiful table this morning.
    Hello to sweet Sadie. Such a great picture.

  8. Dearest Sarah,
    Happy winter Birthday to you and yes, tea is a great way to pause!
    We always do so.
    Don't know about Lisa Richey's 'knowledge' about tea but the stirring sounds like her own invention. Also coming from the Old World, we've never used any brown sugars for tea but only reserve those for coffee—if you 'must' sweeten your tea.
    Enjoy the cozy times of winter!

  9. Beautiful teatime! Your wedding tea set is quite pretty. And your birthday cake is a work of art.
    I found you through Pam and Mary…although I do believe I have commented a few times on your IG account.
    Happy Birthday!

  10. What a fun, whimsical, yet still elegant wintry teatime, Sarah! Your snowman collection is wonderful, and that cake from Whole Foods is indeed a work of art. Also, your thrifty find painting is adorable. Happy Birthday tomorrow, Sarah!

  11. Your snowperson is absolutely adorable and I love them in January. They often get lost in December so now's the perfect time to enjoy them. Your tea service is gorgeous as is the silver tray and tea accessories. Have a wonderful Birthday and enjoy a slice of that amazing cake for me!!

  12. oh how I miss snow! That cake is just about the cutest thing I ever saw. Way to enjoy a winter day and a Happy Happy Birthday!

  13. I love this theme..I particularly enjoy the fact that world snowman day falls on your birthday:) I hope you have a good day.You are so blessed with family and friends..loved you are..I am happy for you.That cake ..ohmygoodness..I think the cutest:)All your accoutrements are beautiful..as always.

  14. What a sweet winter tea, perfect for your birthday today, Sarah. I love the cake and your snowmen. Your wedding china is gorgeous.

  15. Such a darling teatime Sarah. Happy Birthday. Your cake is so darn cute. Love the wedding china. You have the cutest collections. I wish I could join you for this lovely tea and birthday celebration.

  16. Oh how adorable! I love (what looks to me like) the Dee Faust Snowman. I am guessing. I have a look of Nicol Sayre pieces which is similar. Love the tea time theme of snowmen!

  17. Lovely post Sarah. And happy birthday! We're January birthday buddies!

    I enjoyed sharing tea with you today & that tea blend sounds delicious. I didn't realise there a different types of Cinnamon.

    It's Summer here in Australia, although it has been a very mild one it's a bit hot for a fireside tea here at the moment.

    In our part of Australia, the East coast, we don't get snow, so I appreciate snow scenes from other places.

    You're most welcome to join me in a cuppa at Tea With Jennifer 😊

  18. Happy Birthday, Sarah! Not only have I enjoyed the beauty of your post, I also appreciate the etiquette lesson! Your snowmen are festive, and so is your cake! It IS a work of art. I love how Sadie is participating with her own little snowman. She is so cute!

  19. What a lovely tea service and excellent serving tips. This Bama girl would love the real deal snow but like you we get snow only occasionally. I do love snow people and snowmen have a way of showing up here during cold weather months. The cake is so perfect for your winter theme, I need to check the bakery here for one, it is darling! Thinking of you today on your birthday. Sending birthday hugs Sarah.........

  20. Happy Birthday, sweet dear lady!!!!! Wishing you a year of good health, laughter and peace. With many happy returns!

    Your sweet winter snowy tea time is just perfect. And WOW to that cake too - I haven't been to Whole Foods bakery in a long time. I usually pop in, grab what I need and avoid that bakery big time. I have lost lots of pounds and I am trying to keep it off. (The holidays are cruel for that, haha.) But I just may need to go see if they have that cake here. It is a stunner.

    Sending hugs. ♥♥

  21. What a beautiful cake and Happy Birthday. I never knew there was a World Snowman Day. Thanks for sharing.

  22. Sarah, every bit of your tea party and birthday cake are delightful! Hope you had a wonderful birthday. That cake is truly darling.

  23. Hi Sarah, I just wanted to let you know that I'm sharing this post this evening at All About Home. Thanks so much for coming by each week. I LOVE your styling!!


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