Friday, May 31, 2013

The Parisienne ~ A Favorite Piece

Favorites on the 1st

Favorite Works of Art

The Parisienne 

Work By

Collaged Quote Photographed On A Building In San Antonio, TX

My husband and I have long considered 

art to be one of the extras in life that feeds our souls.

To single out a favorite piece is impossible.

Instead, I singled out a piece that hangs in my office.

It's special for several reasons.

~ The Artist, My Friend Mitzi ~

~ The Subject, Paris ~

~ The Incredible Layers of Details ~

This piece started with the 

painting of this darling French girl.

Layer by layer, Mitzi added in 

fun details with paper, oils, acrylics, and inks.

~ Pops of Red ~

~ An Audrey Quote ~

The frame is a 

piece of art in its own right.

Even Mitzi's 

signature is a mini work of art.

June 1st

~ A Perfect Time To Plan A Trip ~

~ Yes, Indeed ~

"Paris is Always a Good Idea!"