Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Again, I Ask, What do you like to do on a Snowy Day?

A winter storm moved into central Texas early morning
with frigid temperatures, sleet, and snow.
Schools are closed, as are many businesses,
because of icy conditions, and I don't plan to leave the house.

The post below was first publised in January 2014.
Considering today's weather, I decided to share and ask again:

What do you like 
to do on a snowy day?

Ski down 
powdery slopes?

Hop on a sled 
to race down a hillside?

Skate with friends on
a frozen pond?

Build a snowman with  
a carrot nose and eyes of coal?

Here in Texas none of these winter
day activities are something we get to enjoy.
Though that doesn't stop me from dreaming about
a day with snowy hills and frozen ponds.

Makes me wonder if artist Betsy Hybicki
lived this scene or only
 dreamed of such fun in the snow.
I wish I knew more about her work.

I bought this piece in early December from 
She found it in a thrift store and decided  
to sell it in her antique booth.
Thanks, Dawn!

I knew it would be a perfect 
companion for these happy faces.

We have to make our own
snowy day fun here in Texas.

Won't be long till the snow people
are put away to make room for 
Valentine's Day vignettes.

What do you like to do on a snowy day?

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Fresh New Beginnings

January is a month of fresh beginnings.
I enjoy the sparseness of things after the tree is
down and other Christmas decorations 
are packed away till next December.

To start off the new year, I gave the buffet a simple 
vignette with a small painting, a touch of greens, and a
favorite MacKenzie-Childs vase filled with peonies. 

The vase is the Cheltenham Thistle Vase.
 It features sculptured thistle petals, hand-painted 
Courtly Checks and Stripes, and a base of faux marble.  
All of the work is done by talented artistans at 
MacKenzie-Childs in Aurora, New York.  
To create the faux marble, the artists paint with 
natural sea sponges and use a bird 
feather to create the veining.

Blush and pink peonies are the perfect mix
to give a nod to a fresh beginning.

Fluffy and full of fragrance, I was surprised to find
a bouquet of peonies available at the market.

Light and delicate, much like the
fresh feeling of a clean slate of the new year.

Here's to fresh beginnings!

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Baby, It's Cold Outside!

This post was originally created in 2013,
but considering the frigid temps that are gripping
many of us this first week of January, 
I'm taking the liberty to share it again.
I hope it will warm your spirits!
A special request of my readers,
I'm in search of more tartan dinner plates I used on this table.
They are Target's 2010 Classic Tidings.  
Please let me know if you have any you want to part with.

It's not snowing, but we are having a cold, grey January here.  
I wanted to set a cozy table to warm my spirits.
A friend traveled to Scotland this past summer, and knowing how I love all things tartan, she returned home with this wonderful wool tartan throw just for me.  For some reason it looks pink in this close up, but you can see on the table, it is actually a true red.  Just as a tartan should be! It's warm and cozy and a perfect table topper for a winter day.
The snowmen here at HFTS 
cozied up just for the occasion.

Several of my snowmen are the work 
of US artist Natalie Silitch from Annapolis.
This cute guy was a gift enclosed 
with my latest order from Timeless Charm Gifts.
Wouldn't these be cute used as place card holders?
Tartan and paisley have always been at the top of my list.
I especially like tartan dishes and 
love to mix the various tartans together.  
Just take a look at last year's 
Tartan Parade to see what I mean.
Occasionally I like to throw in some paisley too.
Snowy Smiles plates by Williraye Studio
are another little "pick me up" for winter days.
Who wouldn't begin to feel better 
just looking at their cute faces?
And did you notice, 
their black and white checked borders?
They were the stars of another winter tablescape here.
Vintage Mother of Pearl flatware 
reminds me of snowy days.
A touch of polka dots and green stems made from 
French wine bottles seem to fit right in.
Layers of Tartan, Paisley, 
and Black and White Checks
Oak Leaves and Acorns
I'm beginning to feel happier already!
What about you?

Don't pack away the snowmen 
with the Christmas decorations.  
Snowmen like to stay out to play all winter.  

I had already created my winter tablescape in this post before ironically being treated to a birthday lunch that featured this incredible winter wonderland centerpiece.  Much to my delight, this darling winter scene went home with me as a birthday gift.  I'm eager to feature this winter scene in a tablescape of my own sometime soon.