Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Again, I Ask, What do you like to do on a Snowy Day?

A winter storm moved into central Texas early morning
with frigid temperatures, sleet, and snow.
Schools are closed, as are many businesses,
because of icy conditions, and I don't plan to leave the house.

The post below was first publised in January 2014.
Considering today's weather, I decided to share and ask again:

What do you like 
to do on a snowy day?

Ski down 
powdery slopes?

Hop on a sled 
to race down a hillside?

Skate with friends on
a frozen pond?

Build a snowman with  
a carrot nose and eyes of coal?

Here in Texas none of these winter
day activities are something we get to enjoy.
Though that doesn't stop me from dreaming about
a day with snowy hills and frozen ponds.

Makes me wonder if artist Betsy Hybicki
lived this scene or only
 dreamed of such fun in the snow.
I wish I knew more about her work.

I bought this piece in early December from 
She found it in a thrift store and decided  
to sell it in her antique booth.
Thanks, Dawn!

I knew it would be a perfect 
companion for these happy faces.

We have to make our own
snowy day fun here in Texas.

Won't be long till the snow people
are put away to make room for 
Valentine's Day vignettes.

What do you like to do on a snowy day?


The summer we married, my husband was in graduate school, and I was employed as a teacher. We took a portion of our savings that summer and purchased a sailboat. We christened our Catalina 22, “Hyacinths For The Soul” after Saadi’s poem. Our "Hyacinths" provided years of pleasure.


  1. This is such a precious post, Sarah! I love the paintings. I hope you are feeling the warmth of your home right now---I think that's the very best you can do on a snowy day. I actually love the gray skies and freshly fallen snow. Not a fan of driving in it, but you learn as you go along, and listen closely to the weather reports.

    We went sledding this weekend. We had an icy lake but no one had skates. We tried to make snowballs but it was too powdery. Instead we made a fire, and tucked in with trays of nibbles and bottles of red wine. This was a family weekend, of course!

    Keep up the updates. I'm curious. Most of all, be safe.


  2. Sarah, I love the new look of your blog page!! Oh to be able to go slow enough to enjoy a snow day. Now with everyone being able to work remotely, we all just keep working. One day I would like a snow day where I could play. Or just look out the window and daydream.

  3. Haha...we have SO many snowy days here in NY....so we shovel and shovel some more!! If I am stuck in the house I get cabin fever - so a walk around the neighborhood helps! We are expecting a little more overnight!! Cute snowman collection!

  4. Bonjour,

    Très jolie publication avec des sublimes illustrations...
    Les jours de neige... Oups ! je ne fais rien de tout ça ! Je n'aime pas la neige ! Je reste au chaud et m'organise pour que la journée soit confortable... Je m'octroie généralement une journée complète à l'atelier, assise devant mon chevalet...

    Gros bisous

  5. Love the artwork very much!
    I am so used to them..all winter is a snow day and I love them..it's what my nature is used to.If you can beleieve it I am never bored and am never in front of the tv..I am very fortunate to have a craft room..which is my playroom..I like to keep very busy trying to figure out things..all the while being quiet:) Spring summer and fall are all about outdoors.We sill snowshoe and maybe x-country ski but the weather has been much too cold.

  6. Delightful snow pictures and vignette with your snowmen. We got a sprinkling of snow but not enough to completely cover the ground. Our schools are also closed.
    I think I'll make cookies today, not that I need to eat any! Cold days entice me to bake! I have several choices of soup to eat but I'm thinking of something sweet!

  7. On a snowy day, you'll find me inside, cozy with cocoa, either working on my watercolors or reading or baking or (ugh)desperately trying to clean up the watercolor, reading, baking and the rest of crazy life! I love these folk art paintings. They so capture our Michigan winters. I'm getting my snowman collection photographed for the blog too. Maybe by next week! Happy Day! ~ jeanie from Marmelade Gypsy

  8. Sarah, your print is adorably suited for your snowmen! I hope you haven't put them away yet, given that you were expecting snow yesterday, they are the perfect companions.
    What I like to do best when it snows is hunker down with books, magazines and comfort food. The reality of it is Mr. P. and I hurry out as soon as the snow stops to shovel, blow and sweep the white stuff off of walkways and brick rowlock, balconies, and shrubs for safety's sake - personal, home and garden. Our major roads are salted and scraped (with plenty of potholes emerging by spring), so we're used to driving, though it's not my preference. It always amazes me for those who live in further north regions how they tolerate the months on end of ice damming and snow drifts. It can be so devastating to property!
    Thank you for taking me back to Dawn's blog! I have been out of touch with her, and always loved her vintage blog. There's a glitch to signing up for her email, but I'm following her Etsy shop now. :)
    I hope you have great plans for your special day tomorrow! ♥

  9. I love your snowy scene Sarah! And I'm so glad you can stay in and be cozy! We are freezing too, literally we have 1/2" of ice all over everything and no water again, 2nd time this year!! Happy Birthday tomorrow, I hope you'll be able to get out and celebrate!

  10. Do you know what I do on snowy days like today, dear Sarah? I close my eyes and wish I was back in the great state of Texas! Your table looks darling! Have a wonderful week!

  11. Sarah, your winter vignette is so pretty! It is very cold and windy here with negative wind chill. I am drinking coffee and reading, a perfect kind of day to stay tucked inside!

  12. Sarah, we have no snow, but I do like to stay warm and cozy on chilly days. The artwork is darling and tells a perfect story.

  13. Sarah, that is such a cute painting! I really like it! I'm getting tired of winter. We're stranded at home today, but I'm hopeful we'll be able to get off the mountain tomorrow! I think I'll ask Trip to build a fire later because I need to get caught-up on some reading!


  14. Dearest Sarah,
    Love your photos and your snowmen collection.
    As for me, I'd rather stay indoors when it is cold windy and snowy. Hate winter after having lived and worked in tropical Indonesia for 3 winters!
    The older I get, the harder it seems...
    Stay cozy!

  15. Snow day here today, schools closed and roads were closed for awhile. A good day to make soup and enjoy being home. Enjoyed the pretty painting..........

  16. Great post. I remember my days living in Cleveland, Ohio or out on the farm my parents purchased when I enter high school. I never forgave them, because when it snowed we were snowed in and I read a lot. It was so COLD. I knew when I graduated I would be moving to someplace where it was warm all year long. LOL

    Loved the post - stay warm. I'm cold when its 65.


  17. Hi Sarah, hubby and I enjoy snowshoeing, but this year we do not have enough snow. I have built plenty of snowmen and sled lots of hills in my life time as well. :) I skied when I was younger, but haven't for years. Love your sweet snow scene and collection of snowmen. Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  18. Hi Sarah, What fun to dig these posts out of the archives. We had 6 inches yesterday, a surprise since they were forecasting only a light dusting here. I like watch the birds flock the feeders even if it means I have to go out in the cold to top them off. ;) My husband enjoyed a snow day at home yesterday since our secondary roads are treacherous. Reading with two dogs curled up on the sofa, a warm bowl of soup or chili and binge watching a TV series makes for a happy snow day for me. It's 12 degrees here this morning with a wind chill of 4 but will be 60 degrees by Sunday. Strange weather! I hope you're curled up with Sadie and staying warm. ♥

  19. We actually had 2 snow days this week in the Houston area - schools were closed for 2 days due to ice on the roads! Of course the snow we had in December was much more picturesque! It was nice to get caught up on some organizing and sewing this week.

  20. We are warming up to the 40's Sarah, but we enjoy our winter activities so hope it doesn't make the conditions icy. We are heading to Lake Placid in February for our anniversary, and it is our favorite season to go - it so so magical. I have been getting caught up on organization, and love making soups and bread. Love your sweet snow scene and collection of snowmen.

  21. What a sweet painting. We just got snow in Tennessee....and four snow days (I teach). Sledding, snowmen then hot chocolate by the fire....Ahhhhhh.....that's the best!

    Winter Blessings,

  22. Such a lovely painting! Thanks for sharing at Vintage Charm!

  23. Such a sweet little snow scene, there's everything going on there to remind me of snowy days we enjoyed over twenty years ago whilst living in Bavaria. Snowy days don't happen here in Normandy very often but when the rain comes down and the wind howls I like to sit by the fire with a good book and a cup of tea, much more my style these days.
    Happy Mosaic Monday.

  24. Beautiful snow picture. Sorry and glad to hear you got hit. Everyone should get to see the beauty of snow once in a while, but hope it didn't cause too many problems for drivers. Take care!

  25. Happy Mosaic Monday. In Trinidad and Tobago. We have no winters. Just The Dry and Rainy Seasons


  26. What a delightful work of art and pretty vignette! I love leaving snowmen out this month. I did sneak some Valentine's decorations out over the weekend though. If it's cold and windy or rainy....we call it a snow day. I craft and read and visit my favorite blogs...like yours! Hugs!

  27. The artwork is adorable. Love those innocent pictures. I long for snow every year, but we rarely get enough to worry about. Last year, however, we had 2 snow days off from school and they were a gift. I took a long walk in the snow each day, read, relaxed, and thoroughly reveled in them.
    Now, if only they would come again this year!

  28. Haha we almost forgot what snow is this year!! While you guys in Texas and the south have been getting more than normal - we have been sitting here dry and skiing on rocks! We finally were up at our cabin Friday and Saturday and got some long awaited snow. I prefer it in the mountains but it sure is pretty to look out the window and watch it come down.
    We made great food and hot chocolate and the kids skied while we sat by the fire and played cards. Perfect snow activities.

  29. Here in Montana, there is no shortage of winter activities. Our favorites include downhill skiing, skate skiing (like cross country), snow-shoeing ... really, anything outdoors. A carrot on a snow-man would not last long here - the deer would eat it overnight!

  30. Having moved to the mountains of Utah this year I've traded my mild Arizona winters for snow and ice. What do I do? Stay indoors with hot chocolate and a good book in front of the fire, of course!!
    Darling artwork!


  31. We just got enough snow yesterday to cover the ground. I love to bake up a storm on snowy days then take a nap watching TV or reading.
    Oh I also like to have a pot of homemade vegetable beef soup cooking in the crackpot

  32. We had ice pellets and a snow storm last night so here I am reading your lovely post .. Now I know what to do on a Snowy day ...DREAM ... of happy childhood pastimes .. Yes I loved doing all those picturesque things on a snowy day ... Thanks for the joyful memories....Hugs

  33. On my snowy days I usually love to bake something and always make a pot of homemade soup
    Feed the birds and water the birds and love to take a nap after looking through some of my gorgeous designing books. always check out my favorite blogs also
    Your snowmen fit right in for sure


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