Sunday, August 30, 2020

Celebrating My Chef

We celebrated my Chef's birthday recently.

76 Years!

With birthday celebrations limited during COVID,
the trend is to celebrate with a driveby parade.
I arranged one with 76 trombones.
Click the video to join in!

Within the house, the table was set for two.
We celebrated with a special birthday brunch.

In the Chef's honor, I thought it appropriate
to set the table with a foodie theme.

Fresh veggies on skewers were added
into the flowers for a centerpiece.

The table was set with dinner plates from our 
Rainbow Gate Fruit Series.
Cherries for me and figs for my guy.

We bought our plates in the 1990s, but they are still available.
Rainbow Gate in Santa Fe, NM.
Linens are new from my favorite linen source,
Crown Linen Designs.

 We've enjoyed our beautiful Arte Italica
petwer stemware for over 20 years.

This cute MacKenzie-Childs radish and bunny
are actually a salt and pepper.

Recently added MacKenzie-Childs 
napkin rings debuted for this special occasion.

I didn't hesitate to add these vintage handmade ceramic rings,
even though there was only one of each style available.
I'm all about a mix, so I placed the Argentina 
napkin ring at the chef's placesetting, and .   .   .

The Torquay patern in the Palm and Devon 
colorway was at my placesettinng.

We dined on a Chef original ~ a simple veal and veggie dish 
served in hashbrown potato nests.

I toasted the birthday guy with a mimosa.


German Chocolate Cake from Central Market Bakery. 

The cake was small, but more than enough for two
with extra to share with the neighbors.

Happy Birthday to my favorite guy!