Thursday, February 25, 2016

Rendezvous With Quimper Friends

~ QCI ~

Quimper Club International

was founded in 1999 by 

Lucy Williams and Katie Wiggins Sledge.

The club was formed to offer a

forum to educate members about the history

and production of Quimper faience along with other French faience 

and to provide a way to connect with others who share a love 

of the beautiful pottery, both old and new.

The very first meeting was held in Santa Monica, CA.

It drew interested members from across the US 

and Europe, and brought together strangers 

who shared a common bond.

Seventeen years of annual meetings

have spawned cherished friendships far and wide.

Last week a group of QCI friends

 gathered  for the simple pleasure of visiting with one another.

Dallas, TX was the destination as various friends made there way

from the east coast, the west coast, and Canada.

Two of us traveled up from Austin.

We dined, we shopped, we oohed and awed.

Our days were filled with visits to nine beautiful homes,

each offering exquisite collections of French faience.

The lovely tablescape shown in this post is

but a glimpse of the charm and beauty that filled our days

as the Dallas members graciously and generously hosted us

in their homes where we laughed together and shared 

the joy of reconnecting with special friends.


I've been short on time, and have dozens of photos

to edit and organize, but I promise to share more

of the exquisite faience that we saw over five days.

For those interested in Quimper and other French pottery, 

visit the QCI website here to learn more about

membership and the Annual Meeting to be held in 

Kansas City, Missouri September 21-24, 2016. 

We welcome new members!

I'd like to thank my friend Betty for allowing me to share

her beautiful sun kissed table set with pieces

of contemporary Quimper in the pattern Mistral Blue.