Monday, March 3, 2014

Living With Blue and White

It's no secret that I've a passion 

for ceramics, and ones in blue and white 

have always been favorites.

So why not join the March 

Blue and White Bash @ The Pink Pagoda

Cool and calming, blue and white

offers a respite to our daily life.

Providing positive vibes  

for both mind and body   .   .   .   

A touch of tranquility to our day  .    .   .

And joyful inspiration.

In some cultures, many believe

that blue and white keeps bad spirits away. 

For me .   .   .

it makes my heart sing.

Fills my 

day with joy!

Sometimes I like a

 punch of pink

to add a touch of sass.

But most often it's white blooms

that fill my blue and white.

The combination 

is timeless and unmatched.

~ Blue and White ~ 

A constant in my life.

Tell me, do you

live with blue and white?

The Scoop's Spring Party