Friday, October 29, 2010

Hauntingly Creative

What's out and about this Halloween?

Come along and see some "hauntingly creative" yards and porches.

Pumpkins and gourds are the first sign of Autumn.

Doors of Welcome usher in the Fall Season around neighborhoods.

But Halloween brings the scary scene.

Here we have a bit of "skeletal" creativity with a touch of humor!

A couple of yards full of "boo-tiful" whimsey.

And others with a more frightful touch!

One of my favorites ~ a nod to "south of the border".

Same creative folks gave a nod to the Texas Longhorns last year.

"Hook em Horns"

I don't think I'd like to get caught up in this web!

What fun Halloween vignettes have you seen this season in your neighborhoods?

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Friday, October 22, 2010

Black Cat, Black Cat

Black Cat, Black Cat
Author Unknown

Black cat, Black cat
Looking for a witch.
All around the
Night is dark as pitch.
You can see because
Your eyes are green.
Black cat, Black cat
This is Halloween!

Black cats and witches seem to go together at Halloween, and we've a few who have taken up residence here at HFTS.

Little Miss can usually be found in the the pumpkin patch.

While Cyrus gleefully bounces about in Miss Sadie's basket. No brooms for this pair.

Many of these guys like to lounge around on the bare branches of this spooky tree.
You can read about a recent dinner party they attended here.

A Halloween Tail
Nancy Russell

Black cat prowling, stalking slow
Its shadow appeared in the pumpkin's glow.
Arched and stretching its silhouette,
It gave a yowl I can't forget.
On Halloween night, frightened as could be,
That sight and sound sent chills through me.
I still remember and it makes me smile,
What happened next put me in denial.
For there on the porch, as cute as could be
Was the neighbor's kitten for all to see.

We have costumed kiddies
and rolly polly kitties.
Black Cats on wheels and Black Cats that sing.

There is the Witch Cat found among the pages of this old English tale and . . .

This precious little Black Cat creeps through the pages of this charming little Cuddle & Read story about Halloween Night. If you have little ones at home I highly recommend this precious story.

We are Over the Moon about our Black Cats.

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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Witches' Night Out

As the sun hangs low the witches begin to gather.

There're flying in from all around, with faithful black cats along side.

Mr. Scarecrow welcomes the lively group . . .

Offering bits of cheese with fresh picked figs.

A spooky tree centers the evening table.

As each witch cat finds a spot among the bare branches.

Each will hover above their witch who dines below.

Shiny black dinnerware sets the stage.

Soup bowls filled with pumpkins soon will hold the cauldron soup.

Mini Jacks light the way . . .

With cones to mark each witch's spot.

A simple meal of salad and soup is the dining wish for Witch Night Out.

Ghouls and goblins watch with delight as witches gather to fill their plates.

At dinner's end the sweet course begins . . .

Chocolate delights with a touch of fright!

And a scoop of corn for the return flight.

A pail of treats for each as they fly off into the night.

Traveling safely home by the light of the moon.

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Friday, October 15, 2010

The Witches Are In!

Hello, my little lovelies. 

 Glad you stopped by.

The witches are in and accepting guests!

Hop in the basket with Cyrus,

We'll introduce you to some of our favorite friends.

There's always a jar full 

of candy corn this time of year.

Grab a handful and 

let's continue on our way.

No "snickering"!

Or "popping" in and 

out of the basket for more treats.

Matilda and Topsy 

will greet you at the door.

Miss Tilly is watching, 

so mind your manners!

Say hello to Cleo, who is known for her good deeds. She is a sweet, friendly soul who is everyone's friend. You can join her for afternoon tea here.

This trio loves to 

hang around together.

Meet Winnie and 

 her constant companions, Hootie . . .

And Ruffles.

Miss Agnes often sits around 

reading witch stories this time of year.

Pick your favorite and . . .

Gather round for a 

little story time with Greta.

Now aren't you happy you 

dropped by today?

Come back another time to meet all the black cats that roam around these pages.

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