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Friday, October 15, 2010

The Witches Are In!

Hello, my little lovelies. 

 Glad you stopped by.

The witches are in and accepting guests!

Hop in the basket with Cyrus,

We'll introduce you to some of our favorite friends.

There's always a jar full 

of candy corn this time of year.

Grab a handful and 

let's continue on our way.

No "snickering"!

Or "popping" in and 

out of the basket for more treats.

Matilda and Topsy 

will greet you at the door.

Miss Tilly is watching, 

so mind your manners!

Say hello to Cleo, who is known for her good deeds. She is a sweet, friendly soul who is everyone's friend. You can join her for afternoon tea here.

This trio loves to 

hang around together.

Meet Winnie and 

 her constant companions, Hootie . . .

And Ruffles.

Miss Agnes often sits around 

reading witch stories this time of year.

Pick your favorite and . . .

Gather round for a 

little story time with Greta.

Now aren't you happy you 

dropped by today?

Come back another time to meet all the black cats that roam around these pages.

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  1. A delightful welcome and tour with your little witches.

  2. Love your pictures -really cute

  3. You have the best decorations, Sarah!! I'm so glad I got to meet all the spooky little creatures...what a great collection you have!!


  4. I luv the collection of Halloween treasures. And the witches are great. Have a good weekend....Julian

  5. Wow Sarah, I love all of these vintage inspired goodies you have. Such a nice collection of Halloween decor. I love Greta, she is great.

  6. Love the witch hat plates, but I think Ruffles is my fave. Really cute Halloween decor you have!

  7. Hi Sarah...

    My friend, I just giggled while reading your fun halloween post! Well...who could help smiling and chuckling while meeting all of your dear, sweet friends!!! They are all...aboslutely adorable! It definitely looks like you've been having some fun with halloween over at your place, Sarah! Thank you so much for sharing your sweet friends with us today! Ohhh...this was such a treat!!!

    I also wanted to thank you for stopping by and taking a peek at my Autumn Enchantment table and mantel! I really enjoyed your visit and your sweet note! Thank you!!!

    Warmest autumn wishes,
    Chari @Happy To Design

  8. Hi Sarah, I love all your halloween decor! Love all the witches.


  9. Lovin' your trio, really different! And the witch on the bike is too funny, her hat is great-enjoy:@)

  10. Hi Sarah! I love your cute collection of witches! I see your jar of candy corn! My little mister A would dig in! I can't wait to see the cats! Happy weekend!...hugs...Debbie

  11. Your Halloween decorations are so pretty and unique, Sarah. I love the witches...Christine

  12. You ARE a child at heart..every single one is enchantingly witchy:)

  13. Hi Sarah, I'm a witch fan, too! I especially like the first one with the spiderweb wheels and Cyrus in the basket. Happy Halloween! Linda

  14. Cute post! :-D Snickers - Yum!
    Have a great weekend.

  15. That's the cutest witch's coven anywhere. They look like kind witches, all!

  16. What a cheery bunch of witches you have gathered here! makes me want to grab a handful of goodies!

  17. Hi Sara...I love to see that you are getting in the witchy poo spirit. I am thinking though, you do not have a witchy bone in your body:)!!~ But that's OK, I love your witches, and I grabbed a snickers bar before I left...those and reeses are my down fall!

  18. What a wonderful collection you have. I love Matilda and Topsy - too cute. And thanks for the candy corn, my favorite! Kat

  19. "I LOVE Fall and Halloween" and LOVE YOUR decorations. TOO CUTE!!!
    Hugs to you,

  20. Sarah, I still love that witch on the bike! But I don't remember that great witch hat server. That is so cute! All of your witches are so much fun, and your commentary, naming all of the witches, made this post great fun! Thank you for linking it to Favorite Things Sat. laurie

  21. Yay...how fun and dazzling. i love all this witchy charm..lovely festive photos..beautiful!

  22. Those are some fun fall decorations!

  23. Sarah, I loved your "witches in" tour and took advantage of the candy as I read the posts. You have some cute whimsical witches and I love that you name them all. My favorites were Winnie and Hootie. I name my witches too -- who doesn't? Joni

  24. What fun Halloween and Autumn decor you have.
    I have that very same Waterford biscuit jar and it is also filled with candy corn.
    I love all your fun touches!

  25. I love all your Halloween characters..the witches are my fav.

    Beautiful Silver win, too.:)

  26. Hi Sarah,
    You have the best collection of witches that I've seen. Is Matilda a new addition to the gang, I don't remember seeing her before?
    Not panicking yet re the French strikes, hopefully all will be well on Thursday when we leave for the US.
    See you soon,

  27. Hi Sarah!

    What fun! I enjoyed seeing all your unique and cute witches! What a great collection you have.

  28. All your Halloween decorations are great! It's such a neat holiday to decorate for. You've done a nice job! ~Susie

  29. Oh Sarah, will your collections never end! Witches too! You have a wonderful collection of Halloween goodies.

    You reminded me to bring out our collection of Halloween books. Thank you.

    Thank you also for being a part of Seasonal Sundays.

    - The Tablescaper

  30. Hi Sarah,

    What a wonderful collection of witches, hats and decorations!! I love fall...that green witch on the bicycle is so wonderful and fun! Hope you are enjoying all the great weather and fall days!!

    Miss Bloomers

  31. I need some witches. Where do you find yours? Love the one with the curled nose.

  32. What a fun collection! I love Winnie and Hootie :)

  33. I never thought witches could be cute and adorable, but they are! What a fun post! Loved it! Linda
    p.s. You commented about the dresses....my daughter made them....pillowcase pattern - love 'em, too!

  34. Sarah, you just amaze me with your decorating for all the holidays! Where do you find all of your cute things? I love that little pumpkin with the hat. SO cute!

    I have missed you and am happy to finally be blogging again. I hope to do at least one post a week if I can get my server to cooperate. We're having issues with the one in St. Augustine, and it is SLOW. It's not conducive to blogging. I have an air card, but I accidentally went Waaaaaaaay over. LOL!

    Sending you big hugs.


    Sheila :-)

  35. What a fun collection of friends you have! I have to say it's a toss up as whether Cyrus on that bike is my favorite, or maybe Matilda & Topsy~ what great names they all have! Your home around the holidays is definitely a "treat" with all your wonderful collections :-)

  36. You have such a cute collection of witches! I could not possibly pick a favorite they are all so adorable and whimsical. I will take a snickers though! LOL!

  37. How cute!! Bicycle Witch is my all time favorite, but I like them all. You made me "snicker" with your commentary! Grin.

  38. Wow, Sarah! It all looks awesome! How very fun.

    And, you cracked me up with the "snickering". That would be my husband's favorite part.

  39. Hi Sarah:
    What a great Halloween post today! I loved looking at all of your decorations.
    I'll email you to answer your wedding gown questions!
    Thanks, always, for visiting Brynwood!

  40. Sarah I enjoyed seeing all your wonderful Halloween decorations!

    I had a wonderful black cat for almost 18 years who was the smartest and funniest cat who ever owned me, and so I have a soft spot for black cats of all kinds :)

  41. What a wonderful collection! Love the names too! I hope they don't start hanging around with those naughty witches from my place!

  42. Oh Sarah,
    How cute your Halloween post is. I just love the pink of your bicycling witch with Cyrus. All of your displays are so cute.
    Cute, Cute, Cute!

  43. Honey I certainly am delighted I stopped by today. Oh how mad at myself if I had missed this post of yours. Too darn cute and loved every one of your witches. I do have to bring my granddaughter Kaci over here Saturday when she comes for a visit. She will love your pictures and of course your stories with them. lol
    Miss my visits and wish I could come by more often

  44. What a cute post! Your Halloween decorations are adorable! So many unique witches, etc.


  45. What a fun post! Those snickers would not last in my house!

  46. Thank you Sarah for your visit and comment on my blog..I am delighted to find your lovely blog ! What a wonderful collection of Halloween ornements !!

  47. I love your Halloween treasures! I want to get into your treats! I really enjoyed your sweet story about buying the sailboat! Life is about doing crazy things!


Thank you to each of you who take the time to leave a comment. I read and appreciate each and every one and will respond to any questions. Your notes are the only way I know who has stopped in for a visit.

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