Thursday, May 4, 2017

Alfresco May Day Lunch

It has been a glorious spring here in Texas.
The cool, sunny days this time of year
remind me of why I love living in Austin.

May 1st is known as May Day around the world.
In many places, it is a day filled with marches and protests,
but for me, May Day is about flowers and 
sharing a sweet bouquet with family and friends.
I fondly remember the tradition of May Pole dances
in the early years of my elementary school days.
We made May Baskets and left them as gifts for others.

When a cousin phoned to say she wanted
to spend some time together on Monday,
I decided it was the perfect opportunity to set an
alfresco lunch out on our terrace.

Everyone knows I love an excuse to set a pretty table,
so the impromptu visit had me gathering up
my favorite MacKenzie-Childs 
dishes to set our table.

A gift bouquet of tulips were added to
another small bouquet of mixed flowers to fill my sweet
Rose Cottage vase from MacKenzie-Childs' Taylor Ceramics.

Each setting began with a Courtly Check charger.
Fluted edged dinner plate in King Ferry
was paired with a mini compote in Dublin Hill.

This setting is a dinner plate in Madison
paired with a mini compote in Glen Park.

Plaid and floral napkins by April Cornell
and golden bee napkin rings were a nod to the
whimsey of MacKenzie-Childs.

Refreshing iced tea .   .   .

With a slice of lemon hit the 
spot as we sat down to enjoy lunch.

Chicken salad in avocado boats and
a side of fruit was served with a choice of soup.

I had a delicious
Canadian Cheese Soup.

Karyn enjoyed a 
cup of tasty lentil soup.

Terra Beauregard Sweet Potato chips
added something crunchy.

Dessert waited under this hand-painted
glassware cloche in the Tulip pattern.

Chocolate covered coconut macaroons
along side cranberry and orange coconut macaroons
were picked up from Whole Foods.

What a treat to have my 
sweet cousin stop by for a visit.
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Karyn's 50th Birthday Luncheon.

Thanks for joining me today.
Happy Month of May!

For more information about these beautiful 
MacKenzie-Childs dishes, 
pop back over to my previous post here.
You can order these retired patterns through May 14th