Thursday, December 20, 2012

The Gift of Friendship

~ Friendships ~

Friendships shared through the years.

Friendships shared across the miles.

Gifts that I treasure every day of my life.  

 Be it friends that are physically in my life or

the many dear friends I've made throughout Blogville,

Each one is a treasure!

A long time dear friend recently celebrated a birthday,

so a few of us gathered here for a birthday lunch in her honor.

Christmas colors and a touch of tartan seemed a fitting theme.

Glenn Plaid Crystal 

by Ralph Lauren

Vintage Linens With a Holly Motif 

and Gorgeous Hand Stitched Monogram

Chocolate Trees Offer A Take Home Treat

Gift Boxes of Tea Forte 

Serve as Place Cards for Guests

Simple Place Settings 

~ Menu ~

 Green Chili Chicken Soup 

 Green Salad

Italian Cream Birthday Cake

Centerpiece of Red Begonia 

and Boxwood Topiaries

~ On the Sideboard ~

Silver Tray of  Fresh Greens

Antique Chocolate Santa Molds

Faux Chocolate Santa Figures 

A Touch of Tartan

Vintage Tartanware Napkin Rings

Old World Santa Figures

Faux Chocolate Santa Figures 

Found at Timeless Charm

They were obviously produced 

from antique chocolate molds 

much like the ones on my tray.

A Basket of Seasonal Greens 

A Table Set to Honor

A Circle of Friends

Tutorials, Tips, and Tidbits @ Stone Gable

When setting a table for guests I like to include a little take home treat.  In this case, it was a chocolate tree served up in the soup bowl.  I placed each tree on a nest of green paper so they could be easily transferred to the table when soup is served.