Sunday, July 1, 2018

With a Cherry on Top!

For those who stopped by to visit my Garden Post 
last week, I promised that I'd share the 
recipe for these delicious treats.

 I tried something "new to me" in the sun garden this spring.
If you missed the Garden Party post on these tall feathery, 
colorful plants, you can view the post here.

Fresh cherries are currently in abundance 
in the grocery stores here in Austin, and for me, are
the perfect healthy snack for these hot summer days.

 We keep a bowl of fresh cherries in the refrigerator,
and I find myself frequently popping one or two 
in my mouth throughout the day.

I read that a cup of raw cherries with the pits is
roughly 90 calories, and an excellent souce of fiber.

Vanilla Coconut Cherry Cupcakes
Now these are a different story!

I've no idea how many calories are in one of these tasty treats, 
but when you read the recipe you'll see that they aren't low cal.

You can find the recipe here 
@ a favorite blog, Food Finessa.

Made with eight egg whites, the cake is light and fluffy,
and the cherry buttercream icing is as they say,
" The Cherry On Top!"

 Well worth the splurge!
Serve with a glass of ice cold lemonade,
and you have the perfect summer indulgence.

 I'm still enjoying the pretty blooms
from the sun garden.

And will continue to savor the fresh cherries
 as long as they are available.