Monday, December 22, 2014

Herding Reindeer

I found them!

Last week I shared a green version 

of these charming guys used

for a casual tablescape with tartan plates.

You can view it here.  

French Country Cottage ~ Image Used With Permission

had shared her idea of using

these handsome reindeer ornaments here.

I was on a mission to

 find sets of the white ones.

Several phone calls later and a crosstown trip,

I managed to wrangle a herd of my own.

I added wreaths of fresh 

rosemary for a festive touch.

White linen napkins and

white china rimmed in brown and gold,

used with a woven charger

 kept the place settings

simple, but elegant.

I wanted the focus of the table

to be the winter wonderland village,

a gift from my friend who passed away in October.

Jane created the village for a luncheon to celebrate

my 65th birthday two years ago, then sent it home

with me as a birthday present.

I cherish it!

In the center is the largest structure,

a beautiful church with bell tower and spire.

Smaller, individual structures surround

the church to create a unique and charming

little village of two story abodes and cozy cottages.

Love the barn shaped roofline 

and the French poodle in the front yard.

This one, with its eyebrow dormer

looks to have multiple floors.

A winter fox frolics about

this home with its steeply pitched roof.

Who wouldn't want to cozy up

in this little charmer?

I'll take the room in

the attic here.  I suspect it offers

an incredible view of the snowy village.

This home is a bit plain, but looks as

if it has plenty of room for a large family.

What a welcomed sight this 

cottage is on a snowy evening. 

Love the red tiled roof 

and the glow in the windows.

We enjoyed a one dish meal ~

a green salad with roasted chicken,

wild rice, cranberries, and nuts.

Tiny Pies ~ Austin, Texas ~ Facebook Photo

And a one jar dessert!

I failed to get a photo of my own,

but just look at this delicious dessert.

 Chocolate cream pie with peppermint

whipped cream, a delightful treat in a jar.

Each guest now has a

white reindeer hanging on their tree!

Happy Holidays to all!