Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Savor the Moment of the Last Days of Autumn

The chef and I along with our sweet Sadie girl

enjoy nice morning walks though our neighborhood.

Lately I've noticed that some have already

added wreaths with red bows, 

greenery swags on doors and windows, 

and Christmas lights in trees and on houses.

Whoa, Nellie!

I'm not ready to move on into the holiday season 

of red and green, holly, and Christmas trees.

I'm still savoring the softness of autumn

with its russets and warm earthy colors.

I like to see pumpkins and gourds

and fall flowers at the entry of homes

to welcome guests and those of us who stroll 

by on neighborhood walks.

We are still all about 

turkeys and pumpkins here.

Lots of soft lush and plump 

velvet pumpkins!

And favorite containers filled with

beautiful fall flowers.

Thanksgiving will be scaled back this year,

only a small group of friends for brunch rather

than a dinner for twelve as is often tradition.

The chef is currently

at work planning the menu.

Like the squirrels burying their winter stash,

I too am savoring the delights of autumn

for the winter months ahead.

Yes, I want to savor the delights

of autumn before I embrace the upcoming

transition into the holiday season 

and winter months ahead.

 What about you?

Are you one to eagerly rush into

the holiday frenzy?

Have you already begun to decorate

for the Christmas season like many of my neighbors?

I plan to share a tad more autumn bliss

before the end of November,

but the first week of December I will join

Laura @ Decor to Adore's 

Christmas in Texas Blog Hop.

Like in the image above, I will have some 

uniquely Texas decor to share.