Saturday, January 22, 2011

On the Shores of Lake Ontario

Last year the shores of Lake Ontario

near Rochester, NY, were a mass of snow and ice.

A friend who lives near Lake Ontario 

shared these photos with me.

Thousands of ice balls were 

scattered across the shoreline.

I read that the balls formed from 

the slush on the lake's surface.

The lumps were tossed about in the swell of the lake 

and with a drop in temperature froze into hard balls.

Eventually they washed ashore.

The wind and water provided interesting 

architecture within the snow drifts.

Some appeared to be cave like structures.

Vegetation along the shore was 

draped in frozen coats of white icy snow.

Thank you to my friend, Jeff, for sharing these interesting photos of an unusual winter scape. I doubt that I would ever experience anything like this on a Texas lake.

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