Sunday, December 19, 2010

BELIEVE by Mary Engelbreit

Illustrated by Mary Engelbreit

Available here on Amazon.

Another in the gift book series from Andrews and McMeel, this little book gives us all permission to be a child again at Christmas.

With fifteen full page illustrations richly detailed by Mary Engelbreit, one can share this magical little book with a child or simply enjoy it as you relax with a cup of Christmas tea.

Everyone can make a wish list for Santa.

Or help decorate the family tree.

Let Santa know if you've been naughty . . .

Or nice.

Watch for Santa's helpers.

Anticipate the arrival of St. Nick.

All one has to do is BELIEVE!

"Mary Engelbreit's quaint and lavishly colored illustrations let us all know that the magic of Christmas lies in its power to make us all children again . . . all we have to do is just believe." Everyone should have this sweet little book in their Christmas library.

Each Saturday during the month of December you can find a list of holiday books being shared across Blogville. Join Jain @ December Food for Thought where she and others have shared some wonderful holiday books. Hope you will share one or two of your favorites.