Monday, August 18, 2014

Hatch Chile Festival

It's the middle of August 

and once again time for

Hatch Chile Fest.

Hatch Chile Festival is when local restaurants

 feature specials made with Hatch chiles

and the grocery stores sell everything 

from fresh or roasted Hatch chiles

to all kinds of products made with Hatch Chiles. 

It's a time for thousands of pounds

of Hatch chiles to make their way to Texas 

from the fertile soil of the New Mexico

Hatch Valley along the Rio Grande River.

The long, green peppers

can be mild to very spicy and hot.

As they ripen

they begin to turn red.

The dried rusty red ristra

makes a beautiful and colorful

decoration for the home.

Legend says that hung on an outside

door,  it will keep the devil away

and bring one's home good luck.

Here at home, my "chef" takes advantage

of the roasted chiles available this time of year.

He cooks up special dishes made with

the spicy, freshly roasted Hatch chiles.

Then he adds a few packages to the freezer

to have on hand later in the year.

Tonight he is making Green Chile Stew,

a favorite recipe from the famous

Pink Adobe Restaurant, Santa Fe, NM.

It's the perfect occasion to use these festive

textiles that were a gift from

Michael Lee @ Rattlebridge Farm.

They are beautifully

woven in bright colors, and .   .   .

Embroidered with

red hot chile peppers.

These southwest inspired dishes

are hand painted and produced by

Clay Arts, San Francisco.

The colors within the green chile stew

are echoed in the vibrant stripes

that radiate out and form a border.

The stew is spicy hot so

I like to serve warm 

corn tortillas on the side.

The recipe calls for pork, but the chef

chose to use chicken in this version.

Either is an excellent choice!

You can find the recipe here.

It's been voted 

Best Green Chile Stew in Santa Fe.

Click here to read about a 

previous meal I shared 

made with Hatch chiles.

Hatch Chile Festivals Signal Summer's End
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Is there a Hatch Chile Festival 

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