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Monday, August 18, 2014

Hatch Chile Festival

It's the middle of August 

and once again time for

Hatch Chile Fest.

Hatch Chile Festival is when local restaurants

 feature specials made with Hatch chiles

and the grocery stores sell everything 

from fresh or roasted Hatch chiles

to all kinds of products made with Hatch Chiles. 

It's a time for thousands of pounds

of Hatch chiles to make their way to Texas 

from the fertile soil of the New Mexico

Hatch Valley along the Rio Grande River.

The long, green peppers

can be mild to very spicy and hot.

As they ripen

they begin to turn red.

The dried rusty red ristra

makes a beautiful and colorful

decoration for the home.

Legend says that hung on an outside

door,  it will keep the devil away

and bring one's home good luck.

Here at home, my "chef" takes advantage

of the roasted chiles available this time of year.

He cooks up special dishes made with

the spicy, freshly roasted Hatch chiles.

Then he adds a few packages to the freezer

to have on hand later in the year.

Tonight he is making Green Chile Stew,

a favorite recipe from the famous

Pink Adobe Restaurant, Santa Fe, NM.

It's the perfect occasion to use these festive

textiles that were a gift from

Michael Lee @ Rattlebridge Farm.

They are beautifully

woven in bright colors, and .   .   .

Embroidered with

red hot chile peppers.

These southwest inspired dishes

are hand painted and produced by

Clay Arts, San Francisco.

The colors within the green chile stew

are echoed in the vibrant stripes

that radiate out and form a border.

The stew is spicy hot so

I like to serve warm 

corn tortillas on the side.

The recipe calls for pork, but the chef

chose to use chicken in this version.

Either is an excellent choice!

You can find the recipe here.

It's been voted 

Best Green Chile Stew in Santa Fe.

Click here to read about a 

previous meal I shared 

made with Hatch chiles.

Hatch Chile Festivals Signal Summer's End
Linking to Cuisine Kathleen's 
End of Summer Challenge

Summer Challenge @ Cuisine Kathleen

Is there a Hatch Chile Festival 

going on in your local grocery store?

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  1. I'm pretty much of a chile wimp Sarah, but I sure LOVE your dishes!

  2. I like chile, but not terribly hot. Your dishes are gorgeous for any table!

  3. I've been told by family members that I must have a cast iron stomach, as I love hot & spicy foods. That looks so good (and so does the tablescape!). We don't have hatch chile festivals here (but we do have a ramp festival in the spring, lol).

  4. Beautiful, colorful post! Now I'm hungry for green chile. I've always used pork, but now I'm going to try chicken. Thanks for the inspiration. Sally

  5. Oh you lucky girl! I just dream of Hatch chiles... Never laid my eyes on one here in Philly-enjoy:@)

  6. I don't have a lot of experience in cooking with chilies and I only know about the Hatch Chilies from your posts, but I'd sure like to taste that stew!! You've chosen the perfect setting for the special meal - I love the vibrant colours!

  7. I love those bunches of dried red peppers. As I was reading your post - my husband suggested we go to our favorite mexican restaurant for dinner - well you had put me in the right frame of mind for that!! Love the color dishes as well.

  8. Yum, yum, yum! It sounds and looks so good!

    have a beautiful week :)

  9. Dearest Sarah,
    You wrote it perfectly that the colors of this spicy chile stew echo the colors of the handpainted dishes.
    Has your husband been a true Chef? His meals look rather professional!
    Hats off to both of you.

  10. I have never heard of Hatch chiles. My family would love the chile, but I bet it would be too spicy for me.

    I love your linens and the table setting.

  11. Sarah, I've always thought the Hatch Chile Festival would be a fun celebration to attend! Love the dried chile ristras hanging in decoration. Your linens and pottery are the perfect pairing with your Chef's prepared Chile Stew! Love the embossed design in the bottom of the bowl :)

  12. The chili looks wonderful and the table setting looks so festive. I am looking forward to chili season and wish we had hatch chilies here in Ohio. They sound wonderful for southwestern dishes.

  13. How fun! Those dishes couldn't be more perfect for serving some southwest food like chili! I'd love to have one of those bunches of the red chili peppers to hang.

  14. Sarah, I love your dishes and that chili looks amazing. I think the chili probably tastes even better in those pretty dishes.

    Have a beautiful day.

  15. Pass the Malox, please? LOL
    Ask Lynn & Earl...me & hot stuff just don't get along. HOWEVER, I am loving all these HOT colors, Sarah...just beautiful with your pretty accessories beside.

    I learned a great deal about Hatch Chilies from your post...you STILL teach! *wink*

  16. I don't think I have ever had hatch chilies. That looks yummy and I love the colorful dishes.

  17. I love me some chile, but pass me the tums afterwards. LOL! I love your dishes.

  18. We love chile but not hot. I make it mild. Your stew looks so delicious and your dishes are gorgeous. Love those pretty linens. Thank you for sharing the info.
    Enjoy the last of summer.

  19. Now you made me want to pack up and take off for Santa Fe again!

    These photos evoke the colors and feel of Santa Fe in a most provocative way.

    The chile sounds wonderful -- your dishes are lovely -- and the linens are so colorful and pretty!

  20. now you're talking about a few of my favorite places and things! LOVE!!

  21. Sarah I love the dishes and the linens! I'm not much of a chili person but the photos of them are gorgeous!

  22. Yummy Sarah, the food and the photos, and well everything! I have some Clay Arts pieces, they are just great. Really enjoyed this fun post, now I'm thinking something with peppers for dinner. :)

  23. Ummm... Green chile stew and a Corona. What could be better?

  24. I've never heard of hatch chiles until now but your chili looks good enough to hunt them down. We have several Mexican groceries near us. I have been working on different types of chicken chili as my family tries to steer away from red meat as much as possible. And we love cornbread with chili.

    Your dishes and linens are beautiful! Ole!

    Jane xx

  25. Oh my!! If you haven't tried the salmon patties with hatch chiles, you REALLY need to!!! They are heavenly!!!
    I love your tablesetting and the beautiful linens!
    Blessings to you,

  26. You always have just the right dishes and linens to go with whatever you are cooking. I'm not a fan of really spicy food but it sure looks delicious!

  27. Sarah,
    How wonderful that you have a live-in chef! The chili looks delicious, so much so, I'm now starving. :) Great photos that show all the chilies and the green chili stew....

    It is so hot here, I don't think I could eat hot chili stew today, but it certainly makes me hungry looking at it.

    Off to get a bite to eat...:)


  28. P.S. Oops! Just noticed that I spelled chili instead of chile.


  29. Hi Sarah, Unfortunately we don't have Hatch chilies this far East I wish we did! That chili looks delicious. I love the dishes, they really do extend the colors of the chili. Enjoy the Festival. Dianne

  30. Yes, we have Central Market here, as you know, Sarah! How lucky for you to have your very own personal chef. His green chili stew looks fabulous with your colorful, fun table. I'd certainly enjoy a bowl...I love spicy!!

  31. That looks wonderful, think I may wait till winter though. Phew!! right now chili and stew look amazing but something to look forwards to when it cools down

  32. Well, alrighty then! I know what to do with the hatch chiles my husband's nurse sent home with him now! I really had no idea what I might do with them. I was going to scour Pinterest, but you've solved the problem for me! Thank you!!! I love spicy stuff, so I hope these are some of the spicier kind. The spicier the better for me!!!

    I'll need to click over to see the other hatch chile recipe. I have enough here to last a lifetime, so I may as well make as many dishes as I can just to see what works for us!

  33. Hot! Hot!! Hot!!! Bring it on! I love my food spicy and fiery :) Looks dee-lish.

  34. Hi Sarah.....I am not a fan of peppers...well, hot peppers I love sweet peppers in Italian peppers and sausage but your dishes are fabulous!!

  35. Sarah, wow, how impressive. I would love to taste that chile, especially with those beautiful Santa Fe Dishes. Spicy is good and you done girl lady....LOL xo

  36. Sarah, Wow, a gorgeous dish from your "chef" and it looks delicious! I love the flavor of mild chiles and peppers but can't take the hot ones. The stew looks delicious and I love the pattern of the dishes, a perfect match. Pretty colorful post..........

  37. Beer AND Chili!? YUM! Sarah, this looks delicious. Healthy, too.

    Thanks for sharing!

  38. I pinned the recipe. Apparently, they have a Hatch Roast at some of our markets here. You can buy them , but the are limited to once a year, and at certain stores. I need to take advantage while they are here.


  39. That looks so good! It is almost chili season. I have been thinking about making it and trying new recipes.

  40. From the beautiful photos of the festival to your dishes, I'm suddenly in the mood for chile. Enjoyed visiting with you! xx

  41. What a fun table and your chef whipped up something perfect to go with the dishes. I just love chili verde and I am sure it is even better with the Hatch chilis. We get them here but they want to sell them in these huge bags, but maybe I can be inspired to freeze some too!

  42. That is one thing I miss about not living in texas anymore....those chili's! They use to make their way up to ft worth and I would snatch up as many as i could!

    Beautiful table....the colors are just perfect!

  43. Wow, that chili looks sooooo good, Sarah! I love good, thick, hot, spicy chili (my husband - not so much lol). We grow green and red chili's in our organic garden to put in with our homemade salsa each year. We can about 300 jars of it and use it in almost everything we make - as well as give alot away to friends and family. :)

    xoxo laurie

  44. such a tasty looking dish, and it looks beautiful in those dishes and with the colorful napkins!

  45. Sarah, I am putting this on our list to make. This time of year I start really getting in the mood for cool weather and soups and stews. I love green chilies! I read the sign you showed the pic of...I never knew they had so much Vitamin C! That's amazing.

    Everything looks wonderful as usual.



  46. Sarah, I am putting this on our list to make. This time of year I start really getting in the mood for cool weather and soups and stews. I love green chilies! I read the sign you showed the pic of...I never knew they had so much Vitamin C! That's amazing.

    Everything looks wonderful as usual.



  47. Your stew looks delicious in the color coordinated dishes, Sarah. I just finished roasting 10# of Hatch chiles for the freezer. I ♥ the aroma...
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  48. How wonderful to read about the Hatch Chili Festival! My granddaughter attended New Mexico State in Las Cruces, and one of the things which fascinated me when we visited her there was the number of red chili wreaths and swags on sale and display everywhere. She's now going to graduate school in Washington State, but she still has ties to New Mexico -- her beloved dog is named Hatch!! :)

  49. Hola from New Mexico! I was happy to see "Hatch" on Say G'day Saturday. :) Nice to meet a fellow green chile lover!

  50. Love everything about this post, you had me with the first amazing photo of the chiles! The stew & the china & the textiles were all extra treats!

  51. This is so neat. I love food centered events! Great dishes. I could certainly see a string of those chilies in many a kitchen.

    - Alma, The Tablescaper

  52. Hatch Chilies have been for sale here in Colorado, too,Sarah! Everyone is making green pork chili with them.I will have to look at the recipes you linked to.

    PS: My husband told me that southern Italians also use the red pepper as a good luck symbol to ward away evil--his father had a gold charm of a pepper that he wore on his watch band :)

  53. Sarah, what perfect dishes and linens for this meal. Those bright colors do look like they were made to go with this food. I'm not sure I've ever had a Hatch pepper. I'll have to be on the lookout for them. Is there a way to tell which are going to be mild and which are going to be hot? laurie

  54. Sarah, I love chiles and this stew sounds so yummy. Pinning the recipe. Your linens and dishes were just perfect for the stew! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  55. I love spicy food and my mouth is watering seeing your soup. I love your dinnerware set, Sarah., the colors are so pretty....Christine

  56. Howdy, Stranger!

    Your chef sure did cook some goodlooking vittles for us. I do love me some chili! And those dishes are so cute!

    How are you, my friend? I thought about you the other day when I ate at the Casa Monica. I have been MIA for a bit. It was a looooooong, super busy spring which ended up with me tap dancing as fast as I could, and then I reinjured my hand (someone shook it at church) and then fell this summer. Yikes! Not to mention turning a BIG number and some other news which I plan to share next week. It's all good. Not the reinjuries but the other news. ;-)

    I will drop back by to visit you for the tablescape challenge at Kathleen's. I am assuming you are going to hook up? I did a post for the first time in months. I honestly don't know where the time went, but it is moving at the speed of light.

    Hugs across the miles to Texas...



  57. the stew sounds delicious - I was just given several chilis I didn't know what to do with - thanks! I do appreciate you sharing with Home and Garden Thursday,

  58. I am IN LOVE with your bright and happy dishes..the stew looks amazing in them.
    Hatch peppers are a bit too spicy for my tender...uh....young pink mouth...so I stick with milder versions. :)
    Love your pretty post.

  59. BEST chili post ever!
    I don't eat them but you make me want to change my mind.

  60. Sarah, I'm back for another spicy bite at your table and colorful chile fiesta! I spied Hatch Chiles in our grocery store back right after you posted this and it was the first time I could remembered seeing them here. Now I wish I had picked some up for a taste :)

  61. WOWSA!!!!!!!!!

    You know Sarah, I'm Mexican-American and yet I cannot eat chili? The other day we went out to eat and I simply ordered a chicken breast with rosemary and olive oil, but they must have used a bit of pepper. I could not eat it! My palate just can't take HOT! BUT....for those who love the heat, this is one fabulous looking stew and the table setting, well, I can take that! Lovely, as always!

    Can you believe our summer is almost over? I've been back in the classroom now a week and it's been great, but now I have no time to write!

    Thank you so much for your kind and beautiful words and comments. Anita

  62. How wonderful! Those dishes are great...

  63. What fun Sarah! I love the dishes, just perfect for serving chili. I am gong to check and see if we have any of these chillies at HEB. I love chili and always have. Don't like it too too spicy though so will have to look for the mild ones. Thank you for all the inspiration. Your table is fun and festive. Have a lovely Labor Day weekend my dear friend.

    Big Texas Hugs,
    Susan and Bentley

  64. xoxoxoxo

    Just felt like sending love your way!

    I know I posted on here earlier, it I want to go to France! Be sure and take lots of pictures so I can live vicariously through you. :-)

  65. Your dishes are perfect to celebrate the hatch chili festival and what a bonus to have your own chef! I must say the linens from Michael Lee are the icing on the cake. Great tablescape down to every detail.

  66. Your post makes me a little bit homesick because here in Maine they just don't get Texas spicy! No question, your table is right on for green chili stew.

  67. That looks so yummy, Sarah! I did not know that a pepper was packed with Vitamin c? That's amazing! There is such an art to roasting and pickling and cooking with peppers. They add such a great dimension/layer to the taste of so many dishes.
    I can eat mild to spicey foods, but have to be careful! They can throw you a loop if you are not careful -- especially when you are traveling! :D

    Great informative post! Never heard of hatch chili peppers.

    They sound divine.

  68. Oh, you are making me so hungry with the green chile stew. Hatch chiles are new to me. Guess they don't make it to GA. I'm saving the recipe, cause I love green chiles. Love the festive colors and your dishes and napkins.
    Happy Labor Day!

  69. Sarah, I always think of you when I hear about the hatch chiles. Your presentation for the chili is perfection. Someday I hope to try this chili recipe!

  70. Those dishes are beautiful! I'm sure the chili is delicious, but I can't eat hot stuff! :-(

    The German Chocolate cake looks wonderful, I would love to try that!


  71. I love your dishes, and the napkins ML sent you are perfect for this! I can't do spicey foods, my Irish tummy would be doing a jig. I know in TX it is the norm! Sorry for the delay visiting, I am doing battle with Bronchitis these last 5 days. Thanks for taking the challenge!

  72. I made the hatch green chili today, Sarah! It was wonderful! I served it over rice and we enjoyed every drop.

  73. My son lives in Santa Fe, so I know the hatch chili peppers well! The cake looks amazing!


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