Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Celebrating with the Dragons

2012 is the Year of Dragon

Dragon Years are the luckiest

years in the Chinese zodiac.

During my years in the classroom, I always looked forward to teaching a unit on this fascinating 15 day celebration that is filled with special ceremonies and traditions. When I received this 2012 Year of the Dragon calendar from Wells Fargo Bank, I decided to use it as a spring board for a thrifty Year of the Dragon tablescape.

For many cultures, the Lunar New Year is a

special time to celebrate

with family, friends, and good food.

In the spirit of a "thrifty tablescape" the centerpiece makes use of flowers that a friend sent me last week for my birthday and a silver bowl filled with mandarin oranges. Mandarin oranges are a favorite fruit to give as gifts during the Chinese New Year.

Full moons and round symbols are also lucky,

so I added a round fan to my centerpiece.

Each month of the Wells Fargo Calendar

features an incredible dragon.

I cut out each month's illustration

and selected a few to use as placemats.

I simply placed a page

over a woven red placemat.

Then topped the pages with clear

glass plates that I already had.

I placed the square plates on

an angle to highlight the images.

The plates were made in Italy and were a

purchase from World Market several years ago.

Chopsticks that were passed down from

my mother-in-law were added to each setting.

I like the words of wisdom

that are included for each month.

Cut crystal stems add a 

bit of sparkle and elegance.

Lacquered chops 

for the men at the table .

Inlaid mother of pearl 

chopsticks for the ladies.

Party favors 

add to the fun.

A Sheet of Commemorative

US Postage Stamps for Each Guest

A Fancy 

Paper Dragon

Gold covered 

chocolate coins . . .

Spill out of a special money envelope

that was also provided by Wells Fargo.

~ To end the meal ~

Chocolate Covered Fortune Cookies

Many of you commented on this dragon

teapot that I featured in my post on Monday.

I happened to see it at an antique

store last weekend in Uvalde, Texas.

The shop owner kindly allowed me

to set up a little vignette and take a photo.

Just across the square from the antiques

shop is where I spied the flying dragon.

The Grand Opera House was built in 1891

and is the oldest functioning theater in Texas.

2012 is the

Year of the Water Dragon,

said to be lucky for anything new

~ babies to business ~

In the order of things, the elements ~ water, earth, fire, metal, wood ~ rotate every 5 years, and the animals rotate every 12 years. 1952 was the last time the dragon was aligned with water, and there was a boom in the world economy that year.
Thank you for joining me to celebrate

The Year of the Dragon

with a thrifty tablescape.

All the elements of this table were gathered

from around the house or from my Chinese New Year stash.

Year of the Rabbit ~ 2011 can be seen here.

Year of the Tiger ~ 2010 can be seen here.