Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Dog Days of Summer ~ A Refresher

According to ancient Rome,

Dog Days of Summer 

last from July 23 to August 24.

Well, I'm here to tell you that

with the Texas heat,

Dog Days

of lethargy and inactivity are still here.

It's definitely the season 

for afternoon naps

followed by a refreshing treat.

Like an icy cold 

glass of lemonade.

Along with a slice of

 delicious Meyer Lemon cake.

~ Lorina ~

Delicious ~ Sparkling ~ Lemonade

Nothing better on a hot summer day

than citrus drinks to quench one's thirst.

Any way you slice it,

this lemon cake is full of goodness.

Tangy with a 

touch of sweetness.

Elegant and Light

An afternoon citrus refresher.

"When are you going to stop talking 

and cut the cake, Mom?"

"I'm ready!"

The Perfect  Refresher

~ Dog Days of Summer ~


One of the things I've gleaned from watching my "chef" 

is the importance of mise en place, having all ingredients

measured and prepared before one begins cooking.

This practice enables one to cook efficiently and eliminates

the possibility of leaving out a step or ingredient.

Another tip for you when making 

this recipe is to use a spring form pan.

Using a large flat spatula like 

above also allows easy transfer.

You'll find the recipe here

where I originally shared it for

 Cooking With The Meyers.

Silver trays, flatware, plates, and 

vase were all thrifty finds.