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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Dog Days of Summer ~ A Refresher

According to ancient Rome,

Dog Days of Summer 

last from July 23 to August 24.

Well, I'm here to tell you that

with the Texas heat,

Dog Days

of lethargy and inactivity are still here.

It's definitely the season 

for afternoon naps

followed by a refreshing treat.

Like an icy cold 

glass of lemonade.

Along with a slice of

 delicious Meyer Lemon cake.

~ Lorina ~

Delicious ~ Sparkling ~ Lemonade

Nothing better on a hot summer day

than citrus drinks to quench one's thirst.

Any way you slice it,

this lemon cake is full of goodness.

Tangy with a 

touch of sweetness.

Elegant and Light

An afternoon citrus refresher.

"When are you going to stop talking 

and cut the cake, Mom?"

"I'm ready!"

The Perfect  Refresher

~ Dog Days of Summer ~


One of the things I've gleaned from watching my "chef" 

is the importance of mise en place, having all ingredients

measured and prepared before one begins cooking.

This practice enables one to cook efficiently and eliminates

the possibility of leaving out a step or ingredient.

Another tip for you when making 

this recipe is to use a spring form pan.

Using a large flat spatula like 

above also allows easy transfer.

You'll find the recipe here

where I originally shared it for

 Cooking With The Meyers.

Silver trays, flatware, plates, and 

vase were all thrifty finds.



  1. Sarah, I see you have the answer to these last long hot days of summer! Naps and treats are famous here as well. Love the pretty table and I could linger over the lemonade and cake all afternoon. The first photo with all the dogs cracked me up........

    The French Hutch

  2. Cristal clear teatowel..bees.. knife cake:)
    What a lovely post..and I must tell you that little face..:)
    I bet that lemonade is good..just by the bottle..I am a sucker for packaging..or bottling.

  3. Your yellow and white quilts are so pretty! The perfect spot for some delicious lemon cake with that sweet pup! Love your utensils!!!
    Thanks so much for sharing at Amaze Me Monday...

  4. Great pics Sarah! I'd love a piece of cake and your bee napkin is so pretty-love it! Stay cool:@)

  5. I have to go upstairs and print out this wonderful recipe before I forget! It looks wonderful!

  6. Sarah, I always enjoy seeing your beautiful table linens. The embroidery in this post is lovely! I love the little bees and the tea towel with the lemons on it. The Meyer lemon cake looks scrumptious. I cook just like you with mise en scene....I'm very meticulous in the kitchen!

    We haven't had any dog says of summer in Central Alabama....I think we've only had two day sin the nineties all summer!

    Thanks so much for linking-up. Your posts always make me happy!


  7. Oh, I'd love a bite! Your dog is so sweet. My two Yorkies got a short hair cut today.

  8. Look at that little sweet face. Just like Bailey waiting for a morsel to fall her way. Poor deprived babies. Love your table and I need to try that lemonade. Love the idea of sparkling lemonade.

  9. Dearest Sarah,
    Love you setting and your cute little canine! Are those little quail eggs on the plate with the mint leaves?
    Your presentation is lovely with the gallery tray and your mother of pearl flatware.

  10. You do have the answer, naps and anything "lemon"!
    Beautiful table, and the linens are so charming!!
    Enjoy the rest of the summer, Sarah!

  11. Hi Sarah,
    That cake looks amazing and delicious! I was able to find some meyer lemons at the beginning of the season but no more to be found at my grocers. What a great flavor they have! So refreshing this time of year! Only found one thrift store this time in my travels to Colorado...slim pickens this time! Thanks for your sweet visit!!
    Miss Bloomers

  12. That cake with the lemonade looks so delicious, I could be right over, it is so inviting, you have such a talent for making tables that are so delightful, inviting and chic at the same time, I will be right over for a refreshing drink of that sparkling lemonade...Phyllis

  13. There is that beautiful yellow and white quilt again!

    I love anything with lemons, but I will have to skip the cake and just enjoy it virtually.

  14. So fresh and lovely your post Sarah!I would like to seat to this table and taste a piece of this mouthwatering cake!

  15. SO beautifully styled! I especially love the linens you chose to include. I love lemon ANYTHING, so I'm off to find that recipe in your earlier post!

  16. What an inviting display you have. It is just gorgeous. I adore the bee tea towel. The dog days are still here in NOLA too, xo

  17. I am coveting that yellow quilt BIG TIME, Sarah! Soooo pretty!

    I've never see 'sparkling lemonade' but will surely look for it now. These last days of August have been the hottest temps we've had all summer. Figures, just 'cus the kidlets are back in school.

    Your lemon cake looks divine & I hope to try making it very soon.

    Very pretty display & an even prettier poochie!

  18. Sarah, it looks and sounds fresh, inviting, pretty and sparkly. I would love it.

  19. I feel refreshed just looking at it!

  20. Sarah, that is a fabulously cool set up. Love the sweet embroidered towel and the gorgeous quilt. The lemon cake looks moist and wonderful. I think that is what's for dessert this weekend! I, too, am a great fan of mis en place! Too many times I've left out a key ingredient. xo marlis

  21. Fabulous post with glorious photos! I am reading this before lunch and my mouth is watering!!

    Thanks for your visit and enjoying my painting!

  22. Sarah,
    I feel refreshed already, dear friend!!!
    While out shopping tomorrow, I'll look for your sparkling Lemonade!
    While "Mr. Ed" won't eat Lemon Cake, he does enjoy a Cherry Dump Cake or Pineapple Upside Down Cake!
    Thank you for sharing. . .Always inspiring!!!
    P.S. What a sweet face on your dog!!! Too cute!!!

  23. Oh my my mouth is jealous! That lemon cake loks delicious! I've been mixing lemonade with ice tea (we call it an Arnold Palmer) a lot too! Your first picture madem me laugh! I've never seen so many of the same breed of dog clustered together like that! We are fortunate to be enjoying some much nicer temps these days although we did have a brief brush with the upper 80's to low 90's recently. I hope it cools off for you soon!

  24. The cake looks so yummy and the lemonade so refreshing, Sarah. I enjoyed the presentation very much....Christine

  25. Refreshing and delicious Sarah from the moist lemony cake to the sunny and beautiful linens! And who can resist Sadie's sweet face? I'd have to slip her a treat! I have vintage knife and bee towel envy!

  26. "When are you going to stop talking

    and cut the cake, Mom?"

    I kind of lost it, cracking up, at that point!!! SO darn cute! :)

  27. Looks like a perfect way to get through the dog days of Summer.

    Beautiful and delicious!

  28. Sorry, but I can't sympathize with the heat since it's rainy and cold here today--hoping spring will arrive soon :) The details you snapped are just incredible. Love the design on the little knife.

  29. Such a pretty setting, Sarah. I love both of those beautiful quilts, and they are perfect for a lemony post. your sweet little puppy looks like he is being so patient, waiting for a crumb or two to drop. If I were there, I'd be waiting too. It looks so yummy. laurie

  30. Such a "refreshing" post!! Love all the lemons. Thanks for the recipe.

    Jocelyn @ http://justalittlesouthernhospitality.blogspot.com

  31. That's the truth about the dog days of summer in Texas! We wilt from the heat in the afternoon and the thought of Meyer Lemon cake sounds so refreshing with lemonade. The precious dog is certainly deserving of a sweet treat!


  32. Hi Sarah, I'm sorry to hear you are having such a heat wave. The lemon cake certainly looks delicious and cooling and the sparkling lemonade will be refreshing too. I really love the quilt and your little pup is adorable. Linda

  33. The bumble bee linens, the elegant cake knife, the Meyers Lemon cake...and recipe! Thanks for inviting us for speak. Cherry Kay

  34. That looks so delicious! I have a Lisbon lemon tree that I use for fresh lemonade all spring and summer. I'll have to try the cake and see how it turns out!

  35. Everything is perfection! I just have to go back again slowly and take in all of the beauty of this post. ove it all!!!

    Big Texas Hugs,
    Susan and Bentley

  36. MMmmmm that looks so tasty! And I adore that knife - so pretty! And that puppy - what a beauty!

  37. Sarah, your tablescape is beyond words lovely. Thanks for sharing such beautiful photos. I tried to select one photo as a favorite and they're all extremely elegant.


  38. Sarah
    You have such a gift for beauty. Very one of your photos is a beautiful vignette. That cake looks really yummy. We aren't big cake eaters here but that one is tempting me.
    I love the quilts. Are they old ones? I couldn't tell from the picture because they look in such good condition.
    If I lived closer I'd be right over. It's a very hot day here and a refreshing lemon drink would hit the spot.

  39. Sarah, I think I am back! It has been all I could do all summer to just get out about a post a week and very little (really no) visiting, but I have missed it so much.

    You know me, I love lemon almost as much as chocolate ( I made a Lemon drink and posted it today)and it would have gone perfectly with your cake. It looks so moist and wonderful and with Meyer lemons - yum!

    I love your big spatula. I am going to have to put that on my kitchen gadget list!

  40. everything looks lovely. I can't eat cake but the sparkling lemonade at that sweet table would be enough for me.

  41. Where ever did you find that dog photo Sarah! That is so hilarious!! And that cake knife actually distracted me for 1/2 second from your divine looking cake. Gorgeous! I have to get some of the Meyer lemon ingredients and start trying some of these lemon recipes, yours especially have intrigued me~I hope things cool off for you soon!

  42. The cake got my attention, but you delivered so much more. The dogs are hilarious, the needlework is exquisite, and pointing out mise en place is about the best tip anyone could give.

  43. Sarah, I was watching the Today Show this morning and saw the high temps in Texas. I hope it cools off soon for you. We've had a lovely summer, and I hope our fall weather is just as nice. Love the dog photo! And of course Sadie too. I bought a lovely Mackenzie-Childs cake knife at the barn sale this year ;o) That is one great looking cake and the knife is gorgeous. Wishing you a nice Labor Day weekend. xo

  44. Hi Sarah! Oh, what a lovely post. The lemonade looks so refreshing and the cake yummy! You're so right about our Texas heat. I can't imagine fall yet. I see another pretty quilt and your little fuzzy face is so cute.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  45. ahh...so cool and refreshing. Love the detail of that hand towel (and the doggies - all of them!).

    - The Tablescaper

  46. Sarah, that lemoncake looks soooo good! I'll have a refill on my lemonade, please. :)Love all your beautiful linens, especially the bees. The doggie pic, cracked me up! I hope you're escaping the heat inside. It's kind of hot here during the day but not too bad in the early morning. I know you must be craving fall and some relief!

  47. What a fun and refreshing post--refreshing in a citrus-y kind of way and in the way you did your post, Sarah! Beautiful pictures too! ~Zuni

  48. This is so beautiful...and looks delicious! I am really coveting that bee napkin.

  49. Wow! You are an amazing thrift shopper! All these items look like they were specifically purchased for this post! That quilt is fabulous. Frankly, everything is just fabulous! Thank you for such an inspiring post.

  50. I just had to go back for a second look and realized that it's two different quilts, not one! You've certainly put your awesome on today!

  51. this lemon cakes looks mouth-watering!!! I love the entire tablescape too. And thanks for the detail on 'dog days of summer' because I never knew the actual dates. How interesting. Have a wonderful holiday weekend Sarah!

  52. Sarah these photos make me want ice cold lemonade and a nice slice of cake! Thanks for linking up to TTF.


  53. Suddenly I am overwhelmed with a taste for lemon aid and slices of Lemon cake. Sitting on the patio with those lovely quilts draped over the table. I think I want to come to your house. You've already set the perfect setting. I would love to find that lovely bee towel (or is it a napkin?).

  54. mmmmm-lemon cake! But wait...go back to those embroidered bees -- love!

  55. How delicious!Your Meyer Lemon cake is beautiful and I must try the Lorina lemonade. Look at that sweet Sadie, begging for a bite of cake. Awww! LOVE the little bees on your napkin,too, and the hydrangeas and caladiums. Happy Labor Day.

  56. Dog gone delicious lemon treat for sure Sarah! It looks so moist and yummy. I love your lemony colored quilt and little doggy is so cute! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  57. That looks so delicious!!! You take the most gorgeous photos Sarah!!!
    Pinning this for sure

  58. Oh my that cake is making my mouth water. The tablescape is beautiful too.

  59. What a cool refreshing treat, dear Sarah! I've never tried that brand of lemonade, but I did squeeze some fresh ones. This heat is something. I'm ready for some cooler temps. I wish I could join you for a slice of cake and some drink to soothe my soul. xo

  60. YUM YUM! Lemon ANYTHING is refreshing and it has to be my favorite flavor next to chocolate and vanilla! HI SARAH! Wow did we have a bad heatwave, "La canicule" here last week. We teachers had to work in non-air conditioned classrooms for preparation, and one of my colleagues blacked out from lack of proper hydration! Today? Cool and indicative of Sept. 1.

    GOOD NEWS! ANDIE IS OK! Did you see her post from 2 weeks ago?


  61. I am in love with the two yellow quilts and the embroidered table linens! So pretty! Such an inviting table for a break from the heat.

  62. Sarah,
    Love everything about this beautiful afternoon lemon cake and lemonade refresher.... Your bee napkin and embroidered tea towel are so pretty and perfect for the lemon soiree. I enjoyed some of the Lorina sparkling pink lemonade this afternoon. It was 110 degrees in the greenhouse!

    I love lemon cake, lemon bars, etc... so I traced your lemon cake recipe to its source and saved it to my computer desktop. I hope to make one this week.

    Great little rain shower around midnight tonight! I didn't watch the news so it caught me by surprise...a pleasant surprise for sure.

    Have a wonderful Labor Day!


  63. How sweet is this tablescape? I love that flatware too! And of course your doggy is adorable!!

  64. Sarah, I came here via Art and Sand, but I feel like I have been here before. Anyway, I so enjoyed this "lemon" post. So beautiful and the cake looks delicious. I've not seen a spatula that big but looks perfect for working with a cake!

  65. I remember that recipe, and bookmarked it when I first saw it!
    I hope you are staying cool down there. Our summer is definitely over up here!

  66. Sarah,

    You've certainly got my attention. I love that blue and white vase, and the cake and lemonade look so refreshing.

    Thanks for joining in to celebrate Blue Monday’s 5th Blogiversary!

  67. Hi Sarah!
    It has been very warm here in Colorado, also, but the low humidity makes it tolerable. I wouldn't mind having a cool lemonade and a slice of that delicious lemon cake, non-the-less. They look very refreshing!

  68. Mmmm both the cake and the lemonade sound perfect for a hot afternoon! It is still very hot and humid here in Maryland, hopefully fall is on it's way though! I love the tea towel too, it's beautiful! :)

  69. That looks so good, and so inviting! The embroidery is beautiful!

  70. What a wonderful post - the heat of summer has finally hit Georgia - I am looking forward to the crisp mornings of fall! Love the first pic - too cute - the Meyer Lemon cake looks amazing and so refreshing with the lemonade - I do love having everything measured out - I feel like a real chef when I do! Beautiful post -I am delighted that you shared with Home and Garden Thursday,

  71. oh my mouth is truly watering, we still have yet to have dinner and i an trying to squeeze in some fun before i hit the kitchen, but frankly, THIS IS TOO FUN! from lemons, to bees, to sadie, i am crazed! to premeasure everything so you don't forget something are words to live by, as i age i can't remember if added 1 or 3 cups of flour in a 1 minute span! oh i am just going to run to the kitchen, rosemary chicken will be a far cry from lemon cake though! gorgeous pics, will be back for more and i am wild over your bees!

  72. This looks delicious, and your photos are stunning. I love your tablesetting and that quilt is amazing. Such a lovely setting and post. Thanks so much for linking to Inspire Me. Hugs, Marty

  73. That cake looks so yummy and refreshing, Sarah. Your whole post is refreshing...Christine


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