Friday, November 20, 2009

Hey Cupcake

hey cupcake! 

 An Austin Original

Airstream Location on Congress Ave.

Started in 2007 by a young man named Wes Hurt, today hey cupcake! has four Airstream locations and one actual storefront. The storefront location is in connection with the business office and bakery and is designed to look like the inside of an Airstream.

Menu Board of the Offerings

The menu board features 8 choices: Vanilla Dream, The Standard, Double Dose, Snowcap, Red Velvet, and Michael Jackson. There is also a vegan option. When a flavor is gone a little "Sold Out" magnet is placed over that variety. One can also ask to make the cupcake a "whipper snapper". That's when they inject it with fresh whipped cream.

Billboard Sign at the Walk-in Location

This is the clever sign that is posted outside the main office and bakery. It's just a hint at the creativity that one encounters once inside. I think Wes Hurt must have a terrific sense of humor.

Order Counter

Once inside of the store you feel like you could be inside an Airstream. It's a small space with just a few tables, and the order counter is constructed from actual parts from an Airstream. Lots of shiny stainless steel and accents of chocolate and bubblegum pink create the yummy mood.

Cruising Along in the Airstream

There is even a "window" which streams video of footage as if one were actually cruising along the streets of Austin in the Airstream.

What will I have today...Red Velvet or The Standard????

The menu choices are the same at each location. Baked fresh at the storefront location, the cupcakes are transported to the Airstream locations daily. The Red Velvet and the Vanilla Dream are the best sellers. hey cupcake ! sells thousands of cupcakes a week. Better get there early though before your favorite sells out.

Trivia Board

One wall has this large board that displays interesting trivia about cupcakes and Airstreams. Another wall has one of those wavy mirrors like what I remember from the House of Mirrors at carnivals of my youth. If you stand in front of it you look elongated or wide or whatever. You get the idea.

The Snowcap

Those of you who follow my blog have seen this one featured in a previous Pink Saturday post here. It's chocolate cake with a buttercream icing and my favorite. So that's what I'm having today!

Wes Hunt's Great Sense of Humor

Yum....oh so good! What will you have?

In case you missed the Pink Saturday post at Lavender Fields last week, it too featured an airstream trailer; an airstream all decorated in pink for an anniversary of Hello Kitty. You can read about it here. I recently discovered Sherri's Lavender Fields, a truly delightful site with a different format. I'm hooked! Go visit, and I think you'll agree, Lavender Fields is full of treats.

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