Thursday, April 25, 2013

Spring in the Texas Hill Country

Little Blanco River

Welcome to the

The Texas Hill Country 

I was fortunate to be a guest 

recently at this lovely hill country home.

A beautiful garden of agava, cactus, sage, 

bluebonnets, and other Texas 

wildflowers greeted us on arrival.

Two stone barns circa1930 anchor 

a lovely courtyard garden where we enjoyed lunch.

The courtyard features a central fountain 

and raised beds of blooming plants.

Rustic furniture made from cedar trees 

on the property offers comfortable seating and dining.

The tables were set with colorful textiles 

and pitchers filled with bouquets of spring flowers.

The serving table featured a vibrant cloth 

from Mexico, appliquéd in big bright sunflowers.

The bouquets looked as if they had 

just been picked from the cutting garden.

Bright multicolored glasses, 

reminiscent of a box of Crayons,

 were the perfect compliment to yet another 

of the hostess' hand embroidered Mexican textiles.

Stacks of assorted pottery plates .  .   .

Offered both color 

and a touch of whimsy.

Lunch was a selection of salads.

 ~ Black Bean and Corn Salad ~ 

Served with Pita Chips

Recipe here

~ Mandarin Orange and Chicken Salad ~ 

Recipe here

~ Plump Seedless Grapes ~

~ Chewy Chocolate Brownies ~

After lunch our hostess took us 

on a tour of her prismatic gardens.

Peggy Martin Climbing Rose 

and Yellow Columbine

The juxtaposition of the various plants 

with the shapes and textures of the stone 

provides a tranquil setting within the courtyard garden.

A group of wheelbarrows 

serve as planters.

More Peggy Martin Climbing Roses 

cover the entrance to the second barn.

Peggy Martin Rose

Click here to read the 

story of this amazing climber.

A pair of large iron cockerels guard 

the gates at either end of the Arbor Garden.

Raised beds made from stone quarried 

on the farm are home to various deer resistant plants.

The garden design is perfect 

for its hill country setting.

Mexican Sage

Plants in this garden 

are native to the area.

Red Poppies

They can withstand the 

Texas heat with minimal water.

Damianita Daisy

All the while providing 

vibrant color and beauty.

Hope you enjoyed spring in 

the Texas hill country.