Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Crushing on White Reindeer

exhibits exquisite style

in all that she does.

French Country Cottage ~ Photo Used With Permission

When I spotted this idea on Courtney's blog,

I immediately drove to the nearest

Lowe's to buy these ornaments.

I wanted to copy this idea

for an upcoming dinner party.  

Sadly the store only had 

three white reindeer in stock.

They did however have plenty

in this evergreen shade.

Not the table setting I originally had in mind,

but the evergreen version offered 

a delightful compliment to 

a casual table set for a girlfriend's lunch.

Traditional red and green 

with a touch of tartan

instead of the winter white 

of Courtney's beautiful tablescape.

An antique dough bowl filled with

Christmas greens, pinecones, berries,

tartan balls, and a wooden heart

 served as centerpiece.

Quilted mats, woven textiles, pewter, and tartan

gave the table a cozy warmth for  

our cool December days.

Suitable for a tasty lunch of corned beef

and cabbage with a tri-color salad,

all prepared by my personal "chef".

Cherry pie tartlets

for a sweet finish.

Tiny Pies Bakery ~ Austin, TX

The "chef" has been baking bread

for the holidays ~ a loaf for each guest to take home

along with their reindeer ornament.

Spending time with special friends

is the gift of the season for me.

French Country Cottage ~ Photo Used With Permission

Click here to read all the details on 

Courtney's original post @ French Country Cottage.

I'm still crushing on Courtney's version, so stay tuned.

I called around and found some sets of

the white reindeer at another store.