Friday, April 16, 2010

"Help Feed the Birds"

In MARY POPPINS the little old bird lady stands on the steps of Saint Paul's selling her bags of crumbs.

She beckons the crowd to come buy her bags for a tuppence.

She gently pleads for help to feed the little creatures and thus show them that we care.

She tells us that the birds are hungry. They need our help to feed their young.

Her bags of feed are not expensive. She sells them for just a tuppence.

As the birds circle over head and fill the sky, she calls out to us.

Each time someone buys a bag to feed the little birds, the saints and apostles look down with gratitude.

Original Oil by Fatima Ronquillo

Though she speaks but a few words, she calls to each of us

"Help feed the birds."

Inspiration for this post was taken from one of my favorite songs: Mary Poppins' Feed the Birds.

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Information on the artist Fatima Ronquillo is available at

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