Friday, October 30, 2009

Amazing Pink Sight on Halloween Night

Once in a blue moon, Halloween falls on a Saturday. These little creatures flew in to give a little scary pink for a Pink Saturday Halloween.

The above photos were taken by my brother-in-law's friend, Karen Moore. She just happened to look out her window to see these night feeders at the humming bird feeder.

Since today is Halloween, I'm also linking this post to Fiberdodles Halloween Blog Party. Click on the Smile Box below to "Trick or Treat" at my place.

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Best Witches and

Happy Halloween from my web site to yours!

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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Tea for Two & Witches Brew

Oh, my! What's this out on our terrace? It looks as if Cleo and her black cat are having a spot of afternoon tea. They must have heard that Susan @ Between Naps on the Porch likes to celebrate on Thursdays and set a special table in her honor.

Cleo likes to sip a cup of her special witches brew tea in the late afternoons before her nightly activities. All you need is one glance at Cleo to see that she is a sweet, friendly witch. She came to live on the premises over 20 years ago. Cleo is known for her good deeds.

Mr. Barnaby, Cleo's "Cat Friday" is quite the gentleman, always attired in his silk vest and best bow tie. He is ever present by Cleo's side to help her with her every need.

All the black cats in the neighborhood

 usually like to "hang" about in the trees in envy of this pair.

A fresh steaming pot of 

witches brew tea is Cleo's favorite.

Mr. Barnbaby 

serves it up with style.

Cleo enjoys a bit of handwork during the "off season" and has spread today's tea table with one of her hand appliqued linens. This one depicts the haunted house that sits on the hill across the creek. Too spooky for Cleo and Barnaby though!

The table this afternoon is set with 

a sweet set of cups and 

saucers from ppd Porcelain.

Looks like Witchy Wanda and 

her green eyed cat are still hanging about. 

 They must be so envious!

Yes, you can see it in his eyes 

that he is "green with envy"!

Is that a scowl 

on his face?

Cleo and Mr. Barnaby don't seem to be a bit bothered though as they relax and enjoy the witches brew tea among the flutter of falling leaves.

I wonder what good deeds 

they have planned for tonight?

Whooooo do you think

 is looking down on these two now?

You guessed it, and this little hoot owl invites you to fly on over to Susan's @ Between Naps on the Porch where an abundance of fabulous tablescapes awaits your viewing pleasure.

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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Counting Down to Halloween

Halloween is just around the corner, and there are signs of the season everywhere one looks. Come with me on a tour of some fun yards decorated for Halloween for this week's Outdoor Wednesday with our hostess Susan @ A Southern Daydreamer.

Let's hear it for Halloween. Looks like these cheer leaders are ready to get us in the spirit.

Oh, my! There seems to be a game going on here.

#4 is running down the field while....

the quarterback races with the ball toward the goal.

Witchy ref is waiting to call the play.

This big guy is full of grins.

A little ghostly dancing in this yard.

Goblins at the ready for their treats.

Dare you try to enter here?

Not me! To many gruesome things have been going on here!

This black cat knows the horrors of this yard and watches as . . .

the rats scamper about.

Halloween goblins will have to make their way through this real live pumpkin patch for their treats.

Looks like some more ghostly dancing going on here too.

Boogie - Woogie

Boogie - Woogie

Boogie - Woogie all night long.

Colorful walkway to greet the tricksters that come to this house.

Another inviting entry.

Ohooooo...who among us is brave enough to enter here?

Black widows abound . . .

the owl watches from his perch . . .

ghostly figures float through the gates.

But this ghoulish figure hangs about in wait of those who come to trick or treat at this home.


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