Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Counting Down to Halloween

Halloween is just around the corner, and there are signs of the season everywhere one looks. Come with me on a tour of some fun yards decorated for Halloween for this week's Outdoor Wednesday with our hostess Susan @ A Southern Daydreamer.

Let's hear it for Halloween. Looks like these cheer leaders are ready to get us in the spirit.

Oh, my! There seems to be a game going on here.

#4 is running down the field while....

the quarterback races with the ball toward the goal.

Witchy ref is waiting to call the play.

This big guy is full of grins.

A little ghostly dancing in this yard.

Goblins at the ready for their treats.

Dare you try to enter here?

Not me! To many gruesome things have been going on here!

This black cat knows the horrors of this yard and watches as . . .

the rats scamper about.

Halloween goblins will have to make their way through this real live pumpkin patch for their treats.

Looks like some more ghostly dancing going on here too.

Boogie - Woogie

Boogie - Woogie

Boogie - Woogie all night long.

Colorful walkway to greet the tricksters that come to this house.

Another inviting entry.

Ohooooo...who among us is brave enough to enter here?

Black widows abound . . .

the owl watches from his perch . . .

ghostly figures float through the gates.

But this ghoulish figure hangs about in wait of those who come to trick or treat at this home.


Thanks for joining me. Please leave a comment below to let me know who stopped by today. I hope to see you again tomorrow for Tablescape Thursday, but until then you can click here to head on over to A Southern Daydreamer for a list of other Outdoor Wednesday posts.


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  1. Wonderful outdoor yard decorations! I loved every one of them.. especially the ghosts/spiders at the gate! WOW.. really fantastic job and I might borrow a couple ideas for next year! Fanstasic!

    ~Tis the Spooky Season~
    ~Really Rainey~

  2. Wow, Sarah,
    These are really good, what imagination some people have plus lot's of beautiful doors too! Thanks for sharing, Cindy

  3. Such great, creative decorations! The football game is just adorable, love those witch cheerleaders. And the dancing ghosts - what a fairly simple idea, but so cute and effective. Thanks for sharing these. Kathy

  4. Oh.....as much as I love Halloween....I really, REALLY enjoyed this haunting tour. [being from Texas I especially LOVED the game going on too....TERRORific]

    My Outdoor Wednesday is a "Lethal Beauty". Come by and see if you will....

    Click HERE

  5. Wow! You really put a lot of effort into making your Halloween enjoyable and memorable. Very nice decor.
    Happy Halloween. BOO!

    Please take a glimpse on the nature of Chinhae, S. Korea

  6. Wow did you put me in the Halloween spirit. My favorite is the dancing ghosts.

  7. Sarah, what a trip you took us on! I'm good and skeeeeeeered now. LOL!

    Glad you're back...



  8. Great decorations for halloween. We don't really have halloween here in this country so this is really special for me.

  9. You've certainly put me in the spirit of things. Thanks for the effort it took to round all these displays. Your photos are wonderful. I hope you are having a great Outdoor Wednesday.

  10. What wonderful Halloween yard decorations! They were all very creative! I

    Great ideas for next year. Thank you for sharing them with us!

    ~ Tracy

  11. Some great decorations. Especially the football game.

  12. Hi Sarah,
    That was fun!
    Loved those cheer leading witches!

  13. I shaking in my boots. But, this was so fun, too.

    So many great holiday displays. Thank you for sharing.

  14. You went all out for Halloween. These are great creations as well as pictures. You may not have many trick or treat as they might be scared.

  15. Thank you, Sarah, for the lovely photos to help get me in the mood. Can you believe I had to use my AC again today? When is it going to get cold already...I can't wait for the trees to turn color ...thus far they're still all green and juicy.
    I enjoyed looking at the decorations, especially the ghosts by that gate looked very spooky...and that football game in the front yard was fun too ;-)

    Have a great day!

  16. Wow, I loved all the decorations, they are so creative and Halloweenie. I wish I had just a little of talent for decorating.
    Great photos.

  17. Those are the neatest yards...I love the football game !

  18. Thank you for sharing all these cute decorations! I love those pumpkin head cheerleaders! Give me a B! Give me an O! Give me another O! What does that spell? Booooooooooooo! So cute!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia :)

  19. THat was such a fun post! I love the decorations! So nice to see all the different ideas! Hope you are having a great Outdoor Wednesday and Happy Halloween : )

  20. I'm glad I scrolled down or I would have missed seeing all these wonderful outdoor displays. You have some very creative (and spooky!) neighbors, Sarah.


  21. Great photos of decorations - I loved the Witchy Cheerleaders and the Football players - how clever is that! Loved looking at your blog. Happy Outdoor Wednesday!


  22. Now your neighbors know how to decorate for Halloween! Love the cheerleaders and football game. So unique and clever. How did they make those ghosts on the gate look so ghostly? laurie

  23. I have enjoyed each and every decor! its just amazing how people spent time to decorate a create a beautiful scenery! Great photos!

  24. Fabulous!!
    Loved then all!
    Les enfants français came trick or treating yesterday evening, 3 hours after we got back from our US trip but we got it together just in time.
    I'll be blogging about it very soon.

  25. Fun, Fun, Fun! I'm glad you stopped by my blog. I've had such fun finding yours!



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