Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Spiders, Spiders Everywhere

Thinking of all my friends on the 

East Coast with love and concern 

as they face the ordeal of Hurricane Sandy.  

A few weeks ago I shared an inspiration table

Click the link above if you missed this charming table.

It inspired me to set a 

table crawling with spiders.

So I could use my own set of these 

darling arachnid plates from Tag.

The inspiration table was set 

with just black and orange details, 

but I wanted to add in a touch of plum.

Instead of a tablecloth, 

I used my favorite ruffled edge woven placemats 

topped with my all time favorite Courtly Check chargers.

The colorful napkins atop 

simple black dinner plates provide a 

perfect backdrop for the cute plates.

The plates were sold in sets of four ~ 

two with black borders and two with white borders.

A festive headband at each 

place setting adds a touch of whimsy.

Take your choice of the spider's web above, 

this black widow with its pointy hat,

The bug eyed fly, 

Or the masked black cat.





Around the large wooden 

tray that holds a spooky tree.

Where owls, black cats, 

and witches boots and hats

sway from its branches.

Little munchkins roam below.

Vintage noise makers are at the ready, and

Your very own candy corn 

filled witch shoe party favor awaits.

Tutorials, Tips, and Tidbits @ Stone Gable

That clever Zoulah @

actually shared the instructions here.

The idea originated at Skip to My Lou 

where you can print a free template here.

Wishing You a Jolly Halloween!


Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Creepy, Crawly, Spooky Table

Hello, my lovelies.  

Welcome, I've been waiting for you.

The crows are gathering,

 a sure sign that the sun is setting

 and the darkness of night draws near.

What's that lurking up above?

Even the crows seem on alert.   .   .

Calling the alarm!

It's the red eyed black viper!

And other creepy, crawly things.


Dozens of spiders dangle and crawl about.

Creeping, crawling everywhere.

Spinning webs of fine black silk.   .   .

Waiting to capture their prey.

Old friends are here to greet you.

Pull up a chair and take a seat.

You can dine with Rex.   .   .

Or perhaps you'd 

rather feast with Leo.

Be cautious about what you say.

Phantoms are up above listening.

Eager to report your 

comings and goings.

To those who want to know.

Especially the Black Widow Lady!

Credit for this incredibly creative table

goes to my sweet friend, Rebecca.

Last week while visiting friends in San Antonio, 

Rebecca graciously allowed me to photograph 

her spooky tablescape to share here on HFTS.

Thank you, Rebecca!

Tutorials, Tips, and Tidbits @ Stone Gable

A tip from Rebecca ~

 Set a special table just for the 

fun of it, and let it be part of your holiday decor.

Let's Dish @ Cuisine Kathleen
Tablescape Thursday @ Between Naps on the Porch
Open House Party @ No Minimalist Here
Tutorials, Tips, and Tidbits @ Stone Gable
Pink Saturday @ How Sweet the Sound

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Crazy Busy

October has been busy here at 

Hyacinths for the Soul 

with trips in and out of town.

We've already celebrated my mom's 98th birthday,

Attended the wedding of a dear friend,

Met up with friends to celebrate

"the chef's" 50th class reunion, 

Hosted a dinner party, and

Celebrated the 2nd anniversary 

of Aquarius, a hip San Antonio boutique.

Still to come

50th Birthday Luncheon

honoring my cousin and

featuring the exquisite Sacred Butterfly 

plates that were a gift from

Will share photos next week.

With all that is going on in October,

do you find yourself 

indulging on Halloween candy?

Unfortunately I do!

Candy Corn ~ my October food obsession.


Thursday, October 11, 2012

Weaving a Web of Inspiration

Cuisine Kathleen's mischief makers 

are at it again, stirring up fun around Blogville,

while the Boulah Twins, Beaulah and Zoulah have 

been busy cooking up Halloween treats in the kitchens 

These three Kitchen Witches 

flew in to offer up a little tabletop inspiration.

Lean in a little closer, if you dare, 

to hear the details of a spider's lair.

While hats float up in midair,

Jack-o-lanterns glow and glare, and

Black cauldrons hold a lion's share.

"Come sit," said the spider,

"I'll weave you a web .   .   .

Of fine silky threads,

And set you a table uniquely spread!"

I often find store displays to be a good source for inspiration.

I snapped photos of this charming table last year.

It enticed me to go home with my own 

set of the spider web tidbit plates by Tag.

(Out of courtesy, always ask permission to take photos of store displays.)

Look for an upcoming post 

that will feature these arachnid plates.