Wednesday, October 7, 2015

U is for Unique Tablescapes

Unique ~ 

being only one of its kind;

 unlike anything else

The Annual Fall Round Top Antiques Week

offers a unique opportunity to see

an interesting assortment of vintage and antique items.

Uncommon objects, if you will! 

I found myself snapping photos of the unique tablescapes

seen in many of the dealer booths this year at 

Marburger Farm Antique Show.

Obviously these tablescapes are not

ones created for actual meals, but rather ones styled

to show case items for sale and to draw

perspective buyers into the booths to shop,

though the inspiration gleaned is notable.

The large chicken feeder filled with natural

elements and used as a centerpiece could easily translate 

to one's own farm table as would the idea of

vintage bottles used as candlesticks.

Another dealer was selling these 

vintage metal gauge plates. 

As well as these interesting 

vintage blue glass bottles.

This table immediately caught my eye with

its pops of blue, the feathers, the brown transfer ware 

paired with white ironstone, wonderful old silver flatware, 

and the clever use of the gauge plates.

Then later, the table above must have sold,

so the dealer recreated the tablescape onto this chippy blue table.

Love the addition of the paper placemats.

Did you notice the clever use of the individual pages

from the 1800s hymnal?  

Simplicity here with the various wooden mallets

to accent the vintage white ironstone plates.

This glass top table setting incorporated rustic touches 

of vintage almanacs from the 1800s and

an assortment of vintage flatware 

presented in little burlap bags.

A touch of glamor with shabby chic 

for this table that featured

 a mix of seashells and shed antlers.

Notice the feather decor atop the white pumpkin.

Vintage hymnals with baby pumpkins

added a touch of seasonal color to this old farm table,

while the vintage wooden horse was the obvious focus.

How clever this display is!

The simplicity of the bare table and minimal

use of objects drew my attention to the old whisk brooms

with their garlands of dried seed pods.  

Love this idea for a centerpiece vignette for fall.

Yes, the creative talent of the dealers that show at

 Marburger Farm Antique Show never disappoints.  

The above table is one from years ago,

 but continues to remain one of my all time favorites.

Texas Antique Shows are

Uniquely Texas!

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