Saturday, October 17, 2020

Sunflowers Make Me Smile

Fall has arrived bringing 
us beautiful weather.

 We enjoyed this sunny arranngement for over a week,
but after the stems began to rot, 
it was time to restyle.
Years ago, a florist shared a wonderful trick 
for extending the life of cut flowers.
She taught me to gather the blooms into a tight bouquet, 
secure them together, and cut the stems short.
Instant beautiful presentation!
It works especially well for tulips.

I repurposed my sunflowers to a smaller container, 
letting the petals fall where they may, 
and set a sunflower table for two.

These Nicloe Miller Home beaded placemats
were paired with plaid napkins from World Market 
to set the stage for my plate stack.

Plaid Chargers, Willisms Sonoma
Plaid Dinner Plate, Two's Company
Whimsical Rabbit Salad Plate, Anthropologie.

I used a pair of Two's Company mugs as
napkin holders for Crown Linen Design napkins.
I appreciate the quality of these linens as 
well as the classic touch of an elegent 
crown embroideried in a corner.

I'm eager to have a group of friends and family 
gathered round our table, but for now
it's a sunny table for two.

Sunflowers Make Me Smile!

Do you have a special flower that brings smiles?