Friday, February 4, 2011

Shadows in the Snow

Welcome to Shadow Shot Sunday and Seasonal Sundays.

We woke to a soft layer of winter white on Friday morning.

As I looked down to the terrace there was
a mirror image of the table and chairs.

Graceful, architectural images
appeared on the powder covered steps . . .

And began to mix with those from nature.

I noticed the black and white check
pattern and smiled to myself.

Our walk was a silent one
among the shadows of the trees . . .

Long, lean, and void of any leaves.

Shadows cast upon small drifts along the rocks
gave the appearance of hills and valleys . . .

And painted the snow covered
path with layers of charcoal.

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The Year of the Rabbit

Ann Estelle has been waiting for you
to come visit for Chinese New Year.
She has lots of favorite things to share today.

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The Lunar New Year or Chinese New Year began on February 3 this year. This celebration is a time of family, friends, food, and fun. Red, an auspicious color, is the predominant color for the New Year celebration because it is a symbol of joy, virtue, truth, and sincerity.

It is customary for family and friends to visit each other during the celebration of the Chinese New Year. Meals are shared and gifts of fruit or sweets are given when friends and family visit each other's homes. Mandarin oranges are one of the most popular fruits during this celebration.

They represent luck and good fortune, which is why Ann Estelle has brought gifts of mandarin oranges especially for your visit.

Red envelopes called "Ang Pow" are given to children during the New Year celebrations.

It is customary for the red envelopes to contain money in even amounts with the number eight considered to be very lucky. You can imagine Ann Estelle's excitement when eight gold covered chocolate coins tumbled out of her red envelope. She squealed and clapped with glee.

2011 is 

"The Year of the Rabbit"

Those born in the "Year of the Rabbit"
are said to be ambitious, articulate, and talented.

Ann Estelle has prepared a little tasting plate.
~Chinese Orange Chicken and Fried Rice~

It's both sweet and spicy.

A nice compliment to a bowl of steaming Egg Drop Soup. Traditionally this soup is served at the end of the fifteen day celebration. The ribbons of eggs in this tasty soup will warm you on this cold winter day.

Go ahead, pick up your 

chop sticks and have a bite.

And don't forget to take along 

an orange and a fortune cookie.

Looks like Ann Estelle has 

already opened her fortune cookie.

Gung Hay Fat Choy

Congratulations and be prosperous
in the Year of the Rabbit!

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last year's celebration for "The Year of the Tiger"

You can read about the Chinese New Year celebration in detail here at Wikipedia.


Beverly always said PINK is derived from RED
Hope she doesn't mind if join in today.