Tuesday, November 7, 2023

A Tribute to Tom Turkey

Today's post is a tribute to the turkey, 
where you'll see a rafter of turkeys 
strutting across my table.  
Thanksgiving Tablescape Blog Hop 
This hop includes 17 tabletop stylists 
organized by our talented friend 
A list with links of all sharing in this 
hop is at the end of this post.

I've been a John Derian fan for decades and 
always shop his NYC Soho shops when I'm in NYC.
Did you shop his Thanksgiving Themed Collection for Target?

When I saw this image from the Target promotion, I fell down the John Derian Thanksgiving Collection Rabbit Hole.

Seriously, the three dimensional turkey 
stole my heart, and the quilted throw is cozy.

This handsome guy is exquisitely beaded, 
plump, and full of personality.

The cylindrical turkey pillow was equally as intriguing to me.
Though it doesn't have the overall beading, the art of 
the design is rendered in a unique style and
fits right in on the chase upstairs.

I also added this square turkey pillow as well.  
One could say I went full turkey!

But I digress!  
This post is about tablescapes.

Yes, the beautiful Toms staring on each place setting 
are also from the John Derian Collection.

They came in a set of four, each stoneware plate a 
different colorful Tom Turkey strutting its tail feathers.

I layered the 9" salads atop pairs of 
turkey plates in my dish stash.
This one is vintage Maruta Ware 
made in Japan c1930-1950.

This one is His Majesty by Johnson Bros, England.
This set was a recent gift from a very thoughtful IG friend.
I'm rather taken with the exquisite borders 
on these transfer ware turkey plates.

I stacked them on chargers bought at Williams Sonoma years ago.  
If interested, The Autumn Plaid chargers are still available.
The rust placemats are from Threshold @ Target, new this season.
You can see more of my turkey plates here.

These fall plaid napkins have been in my linen drawer for decades. 
I love the mix of muted fall tones, and the detail of
the running stitches appeals to my stitcher's heart.

Mini cobs of Indian Corn offer interesting
textures and added touches of fall color.

The napkin rings are antique ivory with sterling initials.
Each was found at various French brocantes on our travels.

The mother of pearl flatware is American made by 
Hennegen Bates and Co. Baltimore, MD.
The company was a jeweler and silversmith 1857-1955.

Denby stems in Mirage Brown were 
wedding gifts from our wedding registry.
You see them on our table often.

The charming turkey placard holders are stamped metal, and you guessed it, part of the John Derian Thanksgiving Collection
They came four to a set, each one different.

These little guys are favorites, right 
up there with the beaded turkey.

The table runner is 50/50 cotton/linen, 
made in India for the John Derian collection.  
It is black line drawings with the occasional colored 
mushroom, flower, and seasonal vegetable.

I layered it atop my favorite linen runner from 
Arte Italica Crown Linen Designs.

The flower containers are a recent thrift store find.
They are small tulipieres, and each has a small chip.
 That didn't bother me; I consider it the patina of time, 
not noticeable when filled with flowers. 

The tulipieres have a series of small holes around the edges of
 two levels in addition to the center opening at the top. 
These containers are perfect for a variety of fall flowers,
and make it easy peasy to arrange a simple centerpiece.

Let's talk about the rafter of turkeys down the center of the table 
that I mixed with small pumpkins tied with fall ribbons.

My small collection of vintage paper maché turkeys 
were picked up here and there when I was lucky 
enough to find them for a reasonable price. 

Most were made in Japan in the 1950s, 
and many were candy boxes.

This vintage brass Tom Turkey is a bank.

More turkeys, pumpkins, and flowers fill the adjacent buffet.
The big wooden Tom Turkey has lived here since the 1980s, a gift delivered to my classroom when I was teaching first grade.
You can imagine the smiles this guy generated with six year olds.

Amber glass is so appealing to me and perfect for autumn.
The amber glass turkey pieces were from Williams Sonoma many years ago.  The amber jar for flowers was a recent find.

This paper maché turkey sits atop a box on spring coil legs.
It is unmarked, and I know nothing of its history 
other than it has been in my collection for many years.
The green bamboo flatware is new from Vivro Veronika.

If you are still with me, I hope you enjoyed this photo 
rich post honoring Tom Turkeys and perhaps 
are inspired to pay tribute the "Man of the Season!"
 I want to personally thank John Derian for his wonderful Thanksgiving collaboration with Target this year.
If you travel to New York City, Miz Merri Mac and I highly recommend a visit to the shops of John Derian, NYC.
He is an American decoupage artist and designer known for his amazing mix of natural oddities, antiques, and eccentric style.
Click here for a video of John's work and his NYC studio.

You won't be disappointed with this talented group!

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Happy Thanksgiving