Thursday, December 28, 2017

Fire Light, Twinkle Lights, and Warm Woolen Blankets

The post Christmas week is one of my favorites.
There is no rush to do much of anything.
It's a time to relax after the crush of holiday parties.
A time of leisure to enjoy quiet moments by the fire, to
treasure these last days of the glow from the 
tree lights and shiny ornaments, and to bask in the
splendor and joy of this beautiful holiday.

Our tree is a collected tree.  
The ornaments are ones acquired through the years,
some from our childhood trees, some from my single days.
others added through the 42 years of our marriage.

This "golden" duck wish bone with sequin details
was crafted by my mother-in-law and given 
to us for our first Christmas tree the year we married.
A bone saved from one of the Thanksgiving ducks were used
to make this "good luck" ornament for our tree.

Many have asked to see more details of our tree, 
so I've focused in on a few themes within 
the ornaments that hang on our Christmas tree.

If you follow my blog, 
you know of my passion for MacKenzie-Childs,
especially the brand's Courtly Check pattern.

We started adding MacKenzie-Childs ornaments 
to our tree in 2000 with the two you see above.

As the number of ornaments have accumulated,
our tree has taken on a distinct Courtly Check theme.
These are but a few of the incredible 
MacKenzie-Childs ornaments on our tree.

This darling Courtly Check cake plate mimics the life size one
The Chef gave me on my 60th birthday.

Various cooking theme ornaments reflect
The Chef's passion for food and cooking.

Tea theme pieces are a nod to
my fondness for tea time.

 Our love of France is 
also reflected on our tree.

This charming Louis Nicole French couple
were added to our tree in 1983.
You can read a complete post about 
Monsieur Chien and Mademoiselle Chat here.

Of course there are other dog ornaments too.
This year there was a new tartan dish under the tree.
Our sweet Sadie girl inspects it frequently asking,
"So where are the goodies, folks?"

 A collection of beautiful glass heart ornaments
are scattered throughout the branches.
The one above top row center is a treasured gift from my mother,
while most of the others were gifts from a dear friend 
who brings me a new heart each Christmas.
This is just a sampling!

 I am a Chi Omega alumna, so it is no surprise
that owls have flown onto the branches of our tree.

This guy sporting real feathers is new this year, my treasure from
 the ornament exchange at my recent dinner party.

Other birds have flocked to our tree through the years as well.
The Courtly Check bird on the egg is a rare
MacKenzie-Childs ornament.

Generally our tree looks much the same year to year, 
a tweak here and there or a new ornament found or gifted.
This year, I added the plaid picks that Pier 1 offered.
I like the pop of red plaid with the Pier 1 
burlap picks I've used for years.

To top our 2017 tree, I unpacked this exquisite
  MacKenzie-Childs handpainted glass topper.
Since I hadn't used this piece in recent years,
 it added an elegant fresh touch.

A small tabletop tree on the 
dining room buffet glows with tiny lights.

Another small tree sparkles with lights
by the side entrance to welcome us home.

Here at Hyacinths for the Soul,
 the post Christmas week is one of fire light,
 twinkle lights, and warm woolen blankets.