Thursday, March 10, 2011

Pink & Green ~ Springtime Favorites

Tuesday, March 15th

Third Annual St. Patrick's Day Blog Crawl

In honor of St. Patrick's Day
Kathleen is offering a $60 CSN gift card
for followers who leave a comment that day.
In addition, during the past week this thoughtful
lady has also given away three different sets of
gorgeous napkins, just in time for spring tables.

Pinks & Greens

Springtime Favorites

And I was one of the lucky winners.

Look at these beautiful pink and green Waverley towels

Don't they make beautiful napkins?

Pinks and greens were also the color choice for my first quilt project. When I retired in 1998, one of the first things on my "Retirement Bucket List" was to learn to quilt. I signed up to take a beginning class at a local quilt shop. Six weeks later, I had completed a quilt top pieced with pink and green fabrics that I'd had collected over several years.

Unfortunately the course didn't include lessons in the actual quilting of the top. Each individual could decide to hand quilt or machine quilt. If you read the "signature" above, you'll note that I did neither. After years of procrastinating, my sister-in-law graciously agreed to hand quilt it for me in 2006.

Can you see those perfect little stitches? Each one was lovingly stitched by my sister-in-law, Glenda. Thus I named this quilt, Heartfelt. It's a lap quilt perfect for curling up under on a cool spring evening.

The quilt above is named The Sister-In-Law Quilt.

Do you notice the same pink and green fabrics of Heartfelt? My frugal and talented sister-in-law took the unused fabric squares from my project and created her own special pink and green quilt. She pieced and hand quilted this one in the fall of 2007. Not only is she a talented quilter, she obviously isn't a procrastinator like me.

This is the back of Glenda's guilt. I so admire her creative spirit. Don't you just love the unique design? And take a look at that remarkable hand stitched pattern of the quilting.

Thanks for stopping by today for a little of my
Springtime Favorites
in Pink and Green.

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