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by Sarah Jio

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I read this book on a cold and rainy Saturday which was the perfect backdrop for reading a story set on Bainbridge Island in Puget Sound, though this novel would also make a good beach read whilst sunning in the sand or whiling away the hours on a bopping boat.

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The story brought back my own sweet memories of time spent in the North West ~ Seattle, Victoria Island, and the islands in Puget Sound.

Violets, in Victorian time when flowers were used to impart meanings, symbolized virtue, affection, watchfulness, love, and faithfulness. Ironically Emily, the protagonist in this work, is recently divorced from a cheating husband. Faithfulness was not what she experienced in her marriage.

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Emily Wilson, a beautiful, successful published author, was once at the top of her game with a book soaring to the height of the New York Times Best Seller List and a movie deal. Now with a case of writer's block and freshly divorced, Emily abandons her New York City life to return to the home of her favorite Great Aunt Bee where she spent the summers of her childhood.

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In an attempt to heal and rekindle her creative talents, Emily's escape provides an opportunity to rediscover the island she loved as a child, reconnect with her high school heart throb, and meet an intriguing new man. Emily's island sojourn also whisked her away on a mysterious path to the discovery of long held family secrets.

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Bainbridge Island, just west of Seattle, is only ten miles long and five miles wide. VIOLETS OF MARCH gives the reader a glimpse into island life on this popular refuge. Though much of the story is predictable, I found Sarah Jio's debut novel to be both entertaining and romantically touching.

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"Any one feel like clam chowder?'

Bee said standing up.

She always ordered clam chowder on the ferry,

no matter what time it was,

no matter that the passage lasted a mere half hour. "

Clam chowder is a favorite here, so

clam chowder it was as my FFT selection.

With the romance of violets in mind,

I picked a few from the garden to

add a touch of romance to our dinner tray.

Ahh ~ violets and sea shells!

My recipe for clam chowder is an old standby from Betty Crocker.

It was from my first cookbook,

and a dish I frequently made early in our marriage.

It's still a favorite.

You can find the recipe here,

but I also add carrots and celery to the mix.

You can read more about the

details of this tray scape setting here.

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If you're headed to an island retreat, a day at the beach, or just a lazy afternoon with a chance to escape into a book, you might want to take along a copy of VIOLETS OF MARCH. It's a delightful romance and easy read.

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