Saturday, April 19, 2014

Inspired By Friends

When you enter my friend

Alison's beautiful home at Easter time

you are greeted by this charming 

figure atop her living room mantel.

The sheer simplicity of it makes me smile.

The mantel in Alison's family room,

showcases fresh peach blossoms from her garden

and a simple metal tree from Mexico.

Simplicity at its best!

These metal trees were all the rage in the 1980s,

and many of us here in Central Texas have these.  

Years ago I shared mine 

decorated for the 4th of July HERE.

Alison has inspired me to pull out 

my metal tree and use it more creatively.

My friend Susan loves to decorate for every season.

Believe me, her home is a wealth of inspiration, and every

year she does something different each holiday.

You can see more of her home 

decorated for Easter HERE and  HERE.

Susan has a beautiful collection 

of blue and white ceramics.

She has inspired me to incorporate 

my blue and white pieces into my Easter decor next year.

Her collection of needlepoint Easter figures 

has also inspired me.  I stitched the petite little white bunny 

with green background for Susan many years ago.

I didn't stitch this Peter Rabbit for Susan,

but I did stitch one just like him for a friend's daughter.

Just looking at Susan's delightful group of needlepoint  

inspires me to get stitching to add a few more 

Easter needlepoint pieces 

to these above that I stitched many years ago.


Perhaps more two sided figures like

this little guy I stitched in the 1990s.

Yes, I'm inspired!

Time to stitch a few bunnies to add 

to my own Easter decor next year.

My friends inspire me.

Have you been inspired by someone recently?

All the best to each of you in this season 

of promises of new beginnings.