Sunday, May 2, 2010

P is for Pink Pigs' Party

Did your hear? 

 The pink pigs, Piglet, Pippo, and Porky Pig are

having a dinner party and you're invited!

Many famous personalities will be in attendance . . . 

the 3 Little Pigs, of real estate fame,

Miss Petunia, Porky's gal and 

the diva of Looney Tunes,

Babe, the courageous little pig who

wanted to be a sheep dog,

Wilbur, the runt of the litter who was saved 

by the genius of his sweet friend, Charlotte A. Cavatica,

Ralph, the swimming pig of Aquarena Springs, 

known for his "swine dive",

(To see this amazing attraction just click here)

Old McDonald and his pigs,

the first little piggy 

who went to market,

and of course Miss Piggy, the grand dame of all! 

 Looks like she has also been to shop the market. 

Could it be that she is helping with dinner?

Toot and Puddle have brought along soap 

just in case any of you piggies need to wash up for dinner.

It must have been a good day at the market. 

 Look at all these fresh veggies in tow.

Bill, the largest pig in history 

has come with flowers. 

 Pink of course!

Gerberas and lisianthus with 

a touch of hypericum berries.

These little rectangular plates

 are the perfect size for a piglet meal.

Hand painted by local artists, they 

what could be more perfect for a Pink Pig Party? 

Each plate is layered atop pewter chargers and 

colorful plates and linens to compliment 

the bright colors of the market theme.

Dinner Time!

Doesn't look as if we'll be having roast beef.

These little piggies 

are definitely health conscious.

Cold, crispy lettuces, orange and yellow peppers, 

red onions, and perfect radishes . . . 

just the thing this little diet conscious piggy needs.

Add a small steamed salmon steak . . .

and you'll be eating a tasty 

but light summer delight.

Help yourself to a glass of 

Chateau St. Michelle Chardonnay.

We'll be dining under the stars so

a little candle light is in order.

Oh, look! It's that magical blue hour that Susan told us about on Monday. If you missed her post and you want to capture your own blue hour moment with your camera, click here for information.

Thank you for dining with us this evening.

I wanted to send you home with a 

few little licorice piglets for dessert . . .

but it looks like some little piggy 

ate every last one!

And that's the end 

of the tale.