Friday, October 22, 2010

Black Cat, Black Cat

Black Cat, Black Cat
Author Unknown

Black cat, Black cat
Looking for a witch.
All around the
Night is dark as pitch.
You can see because
Your eyes are green.
Black cat, Black cat
This is Halloween!

Black cats and witches seem to go together at Halloween, and we've a few who have taken up residence here at HFTS.

Little Miss can usually be found in the the pumpkin patch.

While Cyrus gleefully bounces about in Miss Sadie's basket. No brooms for this pair.

Many of these guys like to lounge around on the bare branches of this spooky tree.
You can read about a recent dinner party they attended here.

A Halloween Tail
Nancy Russell

Black cat prowling, stalking slow
Its shadow appeared in the pumpkin's glow.
Arched and stretching its silhouette,
It gave a yowl I can't forget.
On Halloween night, frightened as could be,
That sight and sound sent chills through me.
I still remember and it makes me smile,
What happened next put me in denial.
For there on the porch, as cute as could be
Was the neighbor's kitten for all to see.

We have costumed kiddies
and rolly polly kitties.
Black Cats on wheels and Black Cats that sing.

There is the Witch Cat found among the pages of this old English tale and . . .

This precious little Black Cat creeps through the pages of this charming little Cuddle & Read story about Halloween Night. If you have little ones at home I highly recommend this precious story.

We are Over the Moon about our Black Cats.

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